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What is the Best Turtleneck In Stores Right Now? | J. Crew, H&M, Uniqlo, Club Monaco?

Who makes the best turtleneck in stores right now? I went on the hunt and picked up 10 different turtlenecks from different brands like H&M, Uniqlo, Club Monaco, J. Crew, Scotch & Soda, and compare them based on fit, comfort, price, fabric, quality, and style.

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Links to shop the pieces down below:

$24.99 H&M

Machine Wash Cold
6 Colors

$34.99 H&M

Machine Wash Cold
4 Colors

$35 Topman

Machine Wash
5 Colors

$39.90 Zara

Viscose (semi-synthetic feel like cotton) with Nylon
Machine Wash
5 Colors

$39.90 Uniqlo

Merino Wool
Machine Wash Cold
6 Colors ,

$49.99 H&M

Merino Wool
Machine Wash
9 Colors

$89.99 Uniqlo

Dry Clean
6 Colors

$98 Scotch & Soda

Viscose with Nylon
Wash Cold
1 color

$110 J Crew

Merino Wool
Wash Cold
4 Colors

$129.50 Club Monaco

Merino Wool
Dry Clean
2 colors

$259 Club Monaco

Dry Clean
3 Colors


FTC: This video is not sponsored. I do however make revenue from the ads that were played and the affiliate links to the products listed above.


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  1. Which of the 11 turtlenecks listed do you see yourself getting this season? I wore a size medium in each of the ones shown and I'm 6'2" (189cm) tall. Let me know down below and don't forget to follow me on www.instagram.com/marcelfloruss for more style inspo 🙂

  2. Turtlenecks

  3. Im definitely going for the uniqlo one

  4. "I guess I'm the turtle sticking it up" lmfao. Also, keep it man!!!!

  5. What goes well with a blue turtle neck?

  6. I feel if you’re paying 98 dollars for a sweater it should At least be natural material. Viscose and nylon? Too much, it can last as much as it wants, still i feel it’d a no go, for me At least. Viscose is just sensitive to maintain

  7. I love turtleneck sweaters because of their elegance. Wearing the most fitting turtleneck sweater can be far more elegant than wearing a shirt and tie, at least on some occasions. However, my biggest problem with turtleneck manufacturers is that they make a product that sags badly after a few wear.
    I started wearing turtleneck sweaters in the '60s when they were also in high fashion, and I think the quality was much better then.

    I bought several turtlenecks from LL Bean, and the cotton was exceptional, but after just a few wear, the neck sagged so badly that I could only wear them to jog in the winter!

  8. Love your attitude and style.

  9. Im trying to get some tutle neck but im want something that is loose body and neck and i wanna try something that is tight around the neck and loose around my body idk which one i would like

  10. What I should to wear under turtleneck?! In winter… T-shirt?! 😂
    I saw someone wearing turtleneck under hoodie 😂

  11. Uniqlo and many other brands: very fair (too fair) price point, very UNFAIR production.

  12. How long do the hnm ones last ?

  13. If I'm 5'10 165lbs and want it tight fitting for muscles, which do I choose?

  14. I wish I had seen this video a year ago when it was posted so I could have added some comments for other viewers. The best Merino wool turtleneck that I own, and I'm a turtleneck fanatic so I own a lot of turtlenecks made with different fabrics, is from an Irish company called Aran sweaters. Check out the Merino wool Fisherman's knit sweaters. They are like the traditional British submariners sweater. A very thick Merino wool, very soft. They currently sell for $99.99 and Aran only ships by DHL 3-day delivery which cost $35. But that is a flat rate for as many sweaters that you buy. So you can lower the cost by buying more than one item. Also if you register and put something in your cart and then log out within a couple of hours Aran will send you a $20 gift certificate and that will help defray the cost of the shipping. They also have a number of sales during the year where they give you 20% off.
    As far as H&M I own a number of their turtlenecks. I recommend the one that sells for $29.99. It is a 100% cotton. It's a thick cotton turtleneck better worn with an outer jacket rather than with a sport coat. But most all H&M turtlenecks should be purchased one size smaller so that the body length does not look odd.

  15. So sustainable brand options?

  16. best turtleneck is lacoste and h&m workout fit black

  17. Beautiful necks colours

  18. Turtle Power!

  19. Why does everyone begin with “wass’ up guys”? How old are you…14?

  20. What about the chain and light beer?

  21. What brand is the denim shirt you are wearing at the start of the video? Thanks.

  22. Wool is genuinely just too much of a pain in the ass to manage. If I can't machine dry, fuck that noise

  23. Ready for all the sweater weather. 🙌
    Shop sweater: www.strikkevarer.com

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