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WAL-MART WOWS! 😱💙 My literal favorite ORGANIZERS you SHOULD be buying! (not sponsored!)

Hey, guys! Today we are shopping in WAL-MART and I’m sharing with you some of the BEST deals on home and organization products! This video is part shop, part haul with me of my literal favorite products to keep your eyes peeled for (lots of them are on rollback). These are the 15 things you SHOULD be buying from Walmart. Their clearance is always insane, too! And they do price match, so also go with your phone. But you don’t need to hunt for clearance in order to enjoy what I’m featuring today!

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SOME ITEMS FROM THIS VIDEO (I will update as able and can find best deal, remember not everything is listed on their website!)

💙Glass Canisters (these are more expensive online, get in store):

💙6 in 1 Glass Server:

💙Bamboo Drawer Dividers:

💙Large Pack of dividers (better on Amazon):

💙Bamboo Expandable Organizer:

💙Pantry Canister Set:

💙Ten Piece Canister Set:

💙Lazy Susan:

💙Collapsible Storage Ottoman:

💙 Our fuzzy storage ottoman:

💙Round Tufted Storage Ottoman:

💙Under Cabinet basket:

💙Tassled Bins:

💙 Affordable storage bins:


💙UV Sanitizing Case:



Want to save more money when you shop? These APPS ARE FREE!
➡️GET IBOTTA (Dollar Tree is on Ibotta with digital coupons):
➡️GET RATUKEN- formerly Ebates- (Cash back from all your favorite stores with discounts and get $10 FREE using this link):





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Matthews, NC USA

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FTC Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored video. All opinions are genuinely my own. This post also contains affiliate links and I earn a small commission if you make a purchase after clicking on my links. It doesn’t cost you any extra. Thank you for your continued support to keep Do It On A Dime going!


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  1. I dont know where your Dollar Trees & Walmarts are but i can tell you the ones by me dont have half the merchandise of what your stores do.
    I'm still looking for the fairy lights & white wire mesh wastebaskets from Dollar Tree & hs e been for the past few years! The walmart here is a supercenter but during Christmas time i dont see half the items you & other crafters have in your stores. Of course I dont go there everyday either. 😊

  2. How much are the mini fridge at Walmart?

  3. Wow I didn’t realize those deals were available at Walmart. I always go to Dollarama for bins but now for larger totes I definitely will go to Walmart for the food storage, garbage cans, hangers, and warmer. Thank you for letting us know!

  4. Thank you for all the great ideas!!!

  5. Kathryn, way to shop! I hope my Walmart has some of these. Thanks again for you sharing your time & talents with me. c. mason 💜

  6. Got some great ideas 💡 from your video thanks

  7. You’re so energetically awesome to me🤫

  8. Wow wow wow love it all 😁😆

  9. HELP….want the under sink mat you showed. Do you have a link?

  10. I never understand labeling things that are clear as day what they are- example: pasta , bagels etc

  11. You are enough. I love your positivity

  12. Loved this video! I’m hoping you’ll do a 2022 version as well.

  13. I have been trying to find the white stackable storage bins…can't find them. If you find them on line please let me know. I thought they would be great for in my fridge. My two shelves are far apart and you put stuff on the bottom shelf and there is so much wasted space on top. I love all your organizing tips…I am watching them all and going through my whole house….wish me luck. 🙂

  14. Thank you so much👍

  15. I like 👍🏻 your channel! Thank you 😊 for the amazing 🤩 ideas 💡

  16. Good job I enjoyed watching your content!

  17. Love your channel! The roll around shoe rack (you may not know this having all boys) is a GREAT bunk bed for American Girl or Generational girl dolls!!! It can hold lots of dolls and my daughter keeps them organized!

  18. 👍🏻

  19. I have a few items. Definitely interested in a few others that you have shown. Time to go to Walmart

  20. You almost have 2 million subscribers! That is so fantastic!!! I remember when you hit 100,000 xoxo
    Thank you for being YOU!

  21. You always make me feel good.

  22. Thank you I needed this!

  23. I love your videos I personally want to come organize my house cuz that's how amazing these videos are

  24. I loved this video.

  25. Great things to know. Love that you did comparing with other places. I learned today that there are so many things at Walmart that I overlook. Thank you for the information!

  26. Such an upbeat gal you are…you get me excited to clean and organize….thank you…

  27. Thanks for sharing with us I really enjoyed the shopping, I never know where to look , or what to look for. You really help cause you have done the hard work. Thanks so much.👍👍👍👍💕💕

  28. My daughter made me buy her the little fridge lol 😂

  29. Thank you so much for this ideas ☺️

  30. Don't know where you live, but the ones in my area don't keep much on their shelves at all! What is on the shelves is a mess! It's terrible! Envy you for having such a good one near you!

  31. Estate Sales are a great place to get those trash cans at a fraction of the price. Thanks for showing the other organizers though!

  32. Yelling about these trash cans lol 😂 I felt like my volume was going up on its own.

  33. I use the tin covered laundry container w/ scoop for my kibble cat food,& turn it around & put decals stating cats name/food 😸

  34. You’ve given me some great ideas. Thanks 🙏

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