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There were so many boxes we had to cut this video in 3 parts, lost of beautiful fish and huge discounts to all our fans & subscribers
Thanks Catch em all, Joey slay em, and wild world of Farley for helping out.

Current stock list of fish for sale, plus incoming stock

Predatory Fins is owned by fish fanatics just like you. Our purpose is to is to be able to bring the fish you always wanted into your tank.
Our facility is located in Boca Raton FL, we import fish from all over the world, and sell them online at www.predatoryfins.com
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26 Bình luận

  1. 😭😭😭😂😂😂😂 you intro make me day

  2. Like and leave a sub to catch them all fishing

  3. do you have any promos for fist time customers?

  4. Only just realised and I have been watching for years he only has just under 200000 subscribers what the heck he should be on 10 mil

  5. Нифига себе а откуда поставки таких рыб

  6. Halo aku ko indonesia , kabar mu pie boss, iwak mu akeh eram, njaluk aku

  7. Anymore silver arwoana for sale

  8. Hey why don’t u ask people on how big there tank is bc Arapima get huge

  9. I bet the only thing zack could keep alive is algae

  10. I understand u have to make money but he kills these Beautiful fish and most of the time he doesn’t know how to care for these fish

  11. Zack just said he impulse buys fish wow really responsible fish keeper

  12. To be honest zack and Joey should stick to fishing bc most of the time there fish die and there a bad influence in this hobby they always give miss information

  13. If I owned predatory fins I wouldn’t sell to Zach

  14. It's so cool guys

  15. #queremosvídeosnocanalbr

  16. Subtitle indonesia

  17. Again TOP CLASS MONSTER FISH love it Predatory fins. FROM./UK.

  18. Can't wait to install a ASTRONICALLY large tank, and stick it with some of these beauty's!

    Now do you ship to Newfoundland

    Much love,

    NewFound Aquatics

  19. I’m really thinking about buying your butterfly peacock bass, they look really nice. But love your vid subbed.

  20. can you ship the fish to VIETNAM ?

  21. Rod, did u say u knew a taxidermist. Big rich has lost a fish and wants him stuffed.😭😭

  22. I really hope you get in some more goldfish especially butterfly tail goldfish or more fancy goldfish.

  23. How to order from PH

  24. Buenas Rodrigo., felicidades por tu canal y tu gran negocio., ustedes hacen envíos hacia República Dominicana?

  25. How hard would it to got more firewood catfish I just missed it and I would love to get one

  26. Meu sou escrito nos dois canais esse americano,, e no do predatory fins Brasil, aqui tem vídeos novos sempre! O no predatory fins Brasil?? Cadê os vídeos meu seu aquarista e fansaço de vocês!,, Meu cadê os vídeos??? No predatory fins Brasil….

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