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Top Selling Items On Amazon – WARNING: Only Watch If You Want Your Own Top Selling Amazon Product

Top Selling Items On Amazon – WARNING: Only Watch If You Want Your Own Top Selling Amazon Product… Today! – for your free book visit

Few people last on Amazon… And I can’t give you success but I can share what has worked for me. Then you can go out and kill it on Amazon for yourself.

I’ve been reading your comments (keep them coming!) and I’ve gotten several special requests for the Home or Health category on Amazon. The name has changed recently. In this video I explore the Home and Kitchen Best Seller category.

This category was promising and I might even source some of these myself. How is your keyword + ASIN list coming along? I have about 60 or so and in another video, coming soon, I will tell you what to actually do with all this research!

We’re not here to just hoard all this information. We are here to take action and sell more Shit!

In this search a hand vacuum kept popping up in different colors. Usually I say to avoid products with electric parts, but because this product should only need batteries, the price point and popularity out way the technical complication… I’ve got a an exciting hack to share with you soon…

I’ve come across a new tool that provides you with tons of data on products. I’m personally exploring this tool’s limits and I’m VERY excited to share it with you all. Stay tooned.

Are you guys getting the hang of it? If you’ve been following along I know you have. This is why I say selling on Amazon is real simple…

It doesn’t take genius to make a living selling on Amazon. You just have to do what works. I’ve spent years figuring out what works on Amazon for years and I get to reap the success from that work.

But you get to reap from my work as well because I am sharing it with you. This is literally what I did when I started in Amazon and if you keep sourcing like this and then pull the trigger on a product you will succeed.

No one can guarantee anything for you, but your odds of success are much higher because I’m showing you what works. And I can do that because I’ve already made the mistakes. Now you just have to follow my blueprint.

If you want more of my blueprint for success on Amazon click here – and download your free book.

What type of content do you guys want me to make? This channel is dedicated to creating content my audience wants. Let me know in the comments below.


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  1. I was told it take special certification to sell personal hygenine and beauty items…HELP

  2. videos is very useful, now what I can do with these ASIN's ?

  3. Specialists Professionals Investments Dubai UAE

    Great informative video
    Altaff Hadi Omar Bhikhba
    Specialists Professionals Real Estate Brokers
    Dubai UAE

  4. What was the title of your next video?

  5. you mention DS Amazon Quick View, how do you get to use/set it up.

  6. hii i want to open an account but i dont understand which prouduct is to choose

  7. Thanks for the Video, UK seller here and your info has been very helpful.

  8. Hi Liz, thank for this great video. Is there a next video on how you use this data in deciding which ones are good for selling? Thanks.

  9. Very helpful. Thank you Liz.

  10. thanks ,your cool

  11. you didn't tell us what you are going to do with this list?

  12. Thank you for video. One question what tool you using to see ASIN number straight on amazon website :)?

  13. Where do you get your products to sell? Thanks

  14. Thank you I like your show, you clarified several things for me I subscribe and I’m looking forward to some more videos.

  15. Thank you very much for video. Doing great. Subbed to your channel.

  16. Thank you for helping me

  17. How u get this ASIN NO for any product

  18. Hey Liz, Can you some niche selection on Tech item.!! I have so much passion in Tech industry and I want to work in it? Will it be perfect for me as a beginner? What you say?

  19. Good……

  20. Hi Liz, I am just starting out with my own website but it's in the fashion niche. Can you also make a tutorial on fashion finds on Amazon ?

  21. you sell shit ahahahhaha

  22. fantastic!! it's really help me find best amazon product.

  23. thanks so much for sharing this!

  24. How can you make ASIN show up?

  25. Great info! How does the asin number show on you search?

  26. Wow! Thank you so much for your help! I'm a newbie, what is the program are you using that gives you the extra stats like "1 FBA Seller" "Sold by Amazon"..? Is that a plugin or is that the way it looks on a FBA account?

  27. thank you liz, great videos

  28. Another great video! I'm new to this business and still have a lot to learn, but your videos are a huge help and will contribute to my future success & wealth. Side note; I'll gladly sell the hell out of shits, lol, if it makes me money. Keep leading the way Liz…

  29. Hey Liz, Great content as always 🙂 As an example if you bought some of the goods from a supplier would you PL it straight away? color box etc… depends on the product or ? What's your view on this please 🙂

  30. Hi liz, just subscribed to your youtbe channel.
    please send me your traffic guide on how to generate traffic, and would also love to know whats next after you compile the list of top selling items on amazon!!
    is there a continuation to this" or is there a course to purchase that teaches how to become a top seller on amazon? thank you

  31. great vid DGHL, hope to soon be working with your team

  32. lol "we sell some shit" 7:45

  33. Thanks for another great video. Your comments around specific products and the keyword used to save the product info are useful

  34. Hurricane's new office!! 👍💥👍💥


  36. I would love to sell on amazon yesss!!

  37. Hi Liz, thanks for your imput

  38. Please keep on home and garden please Liz…What is amazon basics Liz? is that different from just sold by Amazon? and why would you think of selling the coffee drawer if amazon sell it and its oversize?

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  40. Thanks for going over this category Liz. What would be a max a amount of reviews on a product that you would stay away from ? Lets say a product looks viable however it has like 1,500 reviews.

  41. Hi Liz, Can you discuss how you decide which is a good product and which is not? What are you requirements to pick a product? I guess I missed that..

  42. Always great content & cutting edge marketing tips. I really enjoy these videos. Thank you for sharing your hard work & success startegies… it's awesome!

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