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I deejayed weddings for years and when I was standing all day, I preferred max cushion sneakers, which is what I wanted to focus on, so in this video by request:
Top 10 choices for comfy sneakers for standing all day

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My recommendation is from a comfy pillow life feel on feet, however I do realize some may prefer firm midsoles so here are a few that I like that are firmer under foot, but also comfy:
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Chuck Taylors
Air Jordan 1

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  1. Call me crazy but you have to change style/designs based on how you use them. Some are great for standing in retail shops, others better for cement. Not all cement finishes are the same, some feel like basketball courts so a considerate newer Jordan or LeBron shoe works for certain surfaces.

    I found that wider expensive squishy Sketchers are fine for walking Walmart but not an outdoor mall cuz they are soft in the heel and hurt the ankle joint later

  2. Thanks for the video……apparently a lot of companies don't make 4E…:(………………..saying "soft and squishy" for everything doesnt help…….maybe throwing in "construction" would be helpful…..Like insole and soles…..for apparent long life…

  3. I work 12 hour shifts at Amazon. They give up free shoes. The ones I chose said they’re “Anti-fatigue”. Just finished my work week and my feet are hurting like never before. If I don’t find the right shoes or gel pads I might quit

  4. Vid starts at 3:03

  5. Gotta be Air Max 90

  6. Shewww! Blah blah blah

  7. as someone that really loves ultra boost, I can't buy the new models 2021 and on. the outsole looks ugly as hell. the older ultra boosts looked amazing. they make them uglier with every iteration.

  8. Thank you. The people need a vid like this 💯

  9. Nike Air Max 720's

  10. Dude I’m thinking you shouldn’t be reviewing professional running shoes or athletic running shoes and pretend that they are OK for lifestyle. You’re gonna hurt someone you’re going to get someone to break an ankle or bust the knee you’re not an athlete you don’t know how to review the shoes man I’m a little disappointed in this video‼️ It made no sense at all Man‼️ you talked about the Adida ultra boost being the ultimate shoe that was soft all day long all week long at Disneyland then you pick the ugliest Nike around? A Nike you’ve never proven as comfortable at Disneyland⁉️⁉️👎🏼👎🏼

  11. Yuck⁉️⁉️⁉️ Nike revolution⁉️⁉️ Those things are ugly as hell dude‼️ I’m so disappointed in this video‼️ The Adidas 2K Zx Softer and squishier than the Nikes‼️👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼 Can you get them telling us that the Adidas ultra boost with the shoes it saved you from hours of standing at Disney World and then you go with the Nikes which didn’t even prove themselves in your lifestyle⁉️⁉️ dude you’re losing me

  12. There is nothing unique about the All Birds‼️ Honestly their shoes & their brand are completely forgettable‼️‼️😂😂👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼

  13. I have a lot of nerve damage in my feet. Pain in my feet I deal with everyday. This video got me to buy a pair of Nike Invincible. What a great pair of shoes. They help with the pain when I walk everyday. Softest shoes I have ever owned. Thanks for the video/info on the shoes. Wish they would make insoles of the zoom x rubber to put in other shoes.

  14. Goated video🐐💯Thanks man!!🙂

  15. You need to add the Puma rs-x and rs-z

  16. very dissapointed with the ultraboost 21… and im an avid adidas wearer… no where near as comfy as my under armour gemini 2, and under armour phantom 2… boost as a sole is awsome, i just find this particular shoe tight and uncomfortable compared to other i have at a fraction of the cost… for £160 uk pounds im gutted with them… still not been able to get hold of a pair of nike zoom invincible here or if you can the price is astronomical… so ill wait or even grab a pre owned pair… but the ultra boost 21 wont get much use, they will gather dust on my shelf… or may even sell them on

  17. Can you make a version for barbers? as comfortable as these shoes are the hair just pokes right through the knit uppers. I've been looking for something with a leather top or any suggestions to stop the hair from entering the shoes

  18. So many options! Which one should I get? 🤔

  19. I'm gonna try those NB shoes 1080V11 they look very nice and IDK… I'll let you know later. Thx for your video.

  20. How do these shoes compare to Sketchers?

  21. Super useful! I'm a valet in San Francisco. The problem is our shoes need to be all black

  22. Gerçek işçilik başarılı

  23. Nice

  24. Good

  25. Very good

  26. Very nice 👏

  27. How tf is it weird like you've never worked a 10 hour shift in your life or something? lmao

  28. 👍👍👍

  29. Süper

  30. Good

  31. all very nice

  32. Tbh I'm trying to find all black athletic shoes to wear, I'm going to be working as a hotel receptionist and they allow us to wear any shoes as long as they're all black, including the soles lmao

  33. Good

  34. Good👍👍

  35. Knit a beautiful

  36. 12:26 This resonates so fucking hard with me. I literally cannot wear anything besides prime/fly knit or boost/react. YOU CANNOT GO BACK

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