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The #1 BEST QUALITY LIGHTSABER money can buy

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Several months ago, I made a video ranking the top 7 lightsaber companies in the world. I finally got my hands on the #1 pick and asked all of you to ask me questions about it.

In this video, I will be unboxing and reviewing a lightsaber from Vader’s Vault and answering your questions about it!

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Welcome, Star Wars Nerds! You belong here 🙂 This channel is about escaping this galaxy, and entering a new one. One that we all love, that others don’t quite understand. One filled with Jedi, Lightsabers, and Space Battles. Romance, Hope, and Belonging. So that we can make life a little more fun.

I’m going to cover everything from visual effects, to cosplay, toys, virtual reality, events, pranks, and more. These aren’t just movie reviews. This isn’t just… “Theory”.

This is Star Wars In Real Life.

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43 Bình luận

  1. Hello everyone I’m a beginner and looking for a good lightsaber in the $100 to $200 price range. Any recommendations? I’m thinking of getting a $132 Au called ydd Jedi sith lightsaber off eBay.

  2. I bought one for 70 something dollars and it’s brighter and lighter and I can change the colors

  3. how much $ is it?

  4. 1:34 The doctor doing the prostate exam:

  5. Gas powered ones look awesome

  6. Ok so where do you buy it from and what’s it called?

  7. I thought the box the saber came in would be wood not cardboard

  8. Is this the standard model I need to know

  9. So my son just ask me for one of these so I looked it up boi I’m not spending all that damn money for a extended flashlight with a microphone attached to it next

  10. $1000 for a cardboard box experience…

  11. Ah yes, a pocket knife. A Jedis weapon

  12. I need this bro

  13. The galaxy's edge saber next to the others looks like something made by a special needs art class…

  14. Where we want to buy that pls tell

  15. I just went to the website
    but I don't understand what all the add-ons mean is there a video that walks me through what all of the options mean?

  16. I want one so bad

  17. Love your videos bro , but look up starfall sabers.
    I have two of nicks builds and they are the most genuine Star Wars universe and hands down the best sabers in the world period .

  18. Can you send me one I’m broke an want one

  19. 1:02 oh myyyyyy

  20. Your saber forge saber really wasn’t bright usually I they are brighter

  21. Dude we built the exact same savi saber that’s nuts!

  22. Bro that’s a toy 😂

  23. where did you go to buy this!!?

  24. 4:05🤨🗿

  25. I've ordered a few times from Lightsaber FX and their lightsabers are amazing quality, based in Europe and the USA. shipping was super fast too! you should check them out

  26. skill issue🤣

  27. sabertrio is superior

  28. I feel something oh I feel it 🤣📸

  29. It looked like it was only 200$ but, the details for it so cool so i think it would be like 800$ or something more, less? Idk

  30. whats the cheapest neopixle lightsaber i can buy?

  31. 1000$??????????????? Thats TOTALY stupid buy for a regular fan.

  32. does it have too drag?

  33. Where can you buy them i tried to go to the website but could not find it

  34. I would love something like that for dueling irl idk if its strong enough

  35. What should I do if my sabers sound stopped working?

  36. Yes it sounds nice and is made nicely, but it’s not even bright. So… I rate this a 3/10 lightsaber. Definitely not worth it.

  37. Vaders vault is not the best quality there is no way the sabers look like they are very poorly taken care of and scratched and like they barely light up and on top of that THEY ARE 400$ UP thats insane. Way over priced.

  38. it sounds like garbage unfortunately

  39. Can you change the color

  40. where ı can buy this ? who know please text me

  41. That thing is extraordinarily dim lol

  42. É resistênte em combate? Até onde eu sabia as lâminas mais resistêntes são da Saber Forge

  43. Battle ready?

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