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Sony X900F review

The XBR-X900F isn’t the best choice for bargain hunters, but if you pay up you’ll be rewarded with a great picture and impressive style.

Sony XBR-X900F series review: Superb picture quality now, but a better value later –

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27 Bình luận

  1. The 900e is allot better than this model

  2. I woulsnt call a 2 minute video a review I would call this half assed all the way sry guys

  3. Sry but the x900f isnt better then the x900e 930e or 940e it's just not

  4. Oled best

  5. Had one for 7 days and was extremely disappointed! Exchanged it for a 75in Q8fn and the difference is night and day! I don’t know why people think the x900f is a great. The blooming is horrible, the hdr is overrated and the local dimming is poor! Pay the extra cash and get a q8 or q9.

  6. Can someone confirm that the 49” has 120z?

  7. Very short lazy review…

  8. Can anyone please confirm if local dimming works when running [email protected] on the X900F?

  9. X900F is simply better than the former E version, I have owned both and still owns both X900F and the Samsung QF9.
    In some ways, I actually prefer the image from Sony when calibrated properly, but the Samsung is way more userfriendly and can be fun to have cause it can imitate your wall, which is a nice feature. They have their own way of presenting a picture, but I feel Sony is more "correct" or "neutral". Black levels are more or less the same, exellent on both but Samsung is a little bit better, difficult to see difference, even though Samsung has way more dimming zones. Contrast is slighly better on the Samsung..but in motion Sony is better, one of the best around

  10. Mid range?


  12. What are the tech specs of this TV? ( such as Local Dimming Zones)

  13. This vs Samsung Q6 QLED…. which one !?

  14. Picking up the 85" version next week. Cant wait!

  15. Anybody looking for settings for movies and games, I got it on my channel. Just look through my playlist or type in my username here along with x900f settings or review

  16. The colors are not vabrint like LG

  17. You’re saying OLED is better than the Bravia x900F? Which 55’ panel is going to look the best for gaming, that’s what I want to know.

  18. This is most likely the TV I'm getting this year.

  19. I will go for the x930e

    Different backlight structure (Full-array backlight vs Slim Backlight Drive+)
    The X900F uses a full-array backlight whereas the X930E has a Slim Backlight Drive+. The difference is that the LEDs are spaced evenly across the back of the X900F’s panel whereas the X930E has a quad LED structure which consists of two LED rows at the top, and two at the bottom side of the panel. Additionally, the X930E has two layers of light guide plates in order to be able to optimally utilize the quad LED structure for the purpose of achieving even brightness across the screen, and more importantly: to have more control over light distribution in different areas. Therefore, despite the different backlight structure, both the X900F and X930E are able to perform local dimming and boosting.

    2. Difference in the X-tended Dynamic Range PRO (6x vs 10x)
    The X900F and X930E differ significantly in their dynamic range which is mostly noticeable with High Dynamic Range (HDR) content. For example, the X900F and X930E have a contrast range that is up to six and ten times, respectively, that of a conventional edge-lit TV without local dimming. In other words, the X930E’s dynamic range is notably broader than that of a X900F. The difference between the X900F and X930E is mostly attributed to the higher peak brightness on the X930E, which is something the specular highlights in HDR content benefit most from.

    3. Different Motion technology (X-Motion Clarity vs Motionflow XR)
    The X900F’s X-Motion Clarity technology utilizes the local dimming backlight in order to refine the backlight scanning/blinking that can be found on the X930E. Specifically, the blinking is limited to the areas where motion occurs rather than scanning the entire backlight. The X900F is thus able to improve the motion clarity without exhibiting any significant luminance drop. It also needs to be said that the X930E, despite lacking the X-Motion Clarity technology, is able to maintain a certain luminance level even in case backlight scanning is used due to its higher brightness capability. Both the X900F and X930E are able to enhance the smoothness of motion by the means of creating additional frames thanks to the motion interpolation technology. Furthermore, the native refresh rate of the X900F and X930E’s panels is 120Hz.

    4. Sound (full-range driver vs 3 way speakers)
    The X900F has a 2 channel sound system. The speakers are of the Bass-reflex variety and are down-firing. Each of the two speakers has a single full-range driver. There is no sub woofer on the X900F. The total audio power output is 20 Watts, or 10 Watts per channel. The X930E also has a two channel sound system but with three way speakers meaning there is a Tweeter, a Mid Range, and a Woofer instead of a singe full-range driver. Having a dedicated driver for the low frequency range, for example, results in the X930E being able to deliver deeper bass than the X900F. Furthermore, the X930E has a significantly higher audio power output of a total of 60 Watts on the 65-inch class XBR65X930E, and 50 Watts on the 55-inch class XBR55X930E. Owing to its front-facing speakers, the X930E projects dialogues and voices more clearly in comparison to the X900F.

    5. Design
    There is a difference in the back panel of the X900F and X930E which is black on the former and neutrally colored on the latter. Furthermore, the X930E features a geometric pattern on its entire back panel except for the central rear cover which has a leather-like texture. This cover is used for concealing cables for a clean rear look. Furthermore, the X930E allows cables to be routed through the legs at either side of the centrally mounted dark silver stand so that they won’t be visible from the front when the TV is mounted on a table top surface. Although the X900F also allows cables to be channeled through the two L-shaped feet that comprise its stand, there is no panel cover for the cables at the back so the X900F doesn’t have the same clean rear look as the X930E. Another difference is that the X930E’s panel has a two slate structure. This is mostly noticeable at the bottom where the two slates are staggered vertically for the purpose of providing space for the front-facing speakers. The X900F omits the two slate structure because its speakers are down-firing.

  20. Type: HDR,4k,input lag,iluminación,display?

  21. Sony A8F review??

  22. Ask a Sony TV buyer they are over priced. Picture is amazing no doubt but sound is bad you'll really want a sound bar. Not worth buying over 1000. Wait for black Friday

  23. If interested don't I have the 900e but at 1500 you're better off buying last year LG oled. Sony Android is notoriously slow it's understated here and it gets worse with time.

  24. Any chance of a review of the Samsung 2018 Q9FN?

  25. A TV with great image quality that won't last is not a BARGAIN. After one year with a highly rated Vizio model that also had FALD, mine is trash. Several of the arrays are completely out and one is in almost a continuous flicker mode. Don't think spending less for a TV that has great specs is going to save you money. Recent reports on the TCL indicate that it is experiencing some pretty severe problems to the point that Amazon has removed it from their offerings until the problem is solved. Save your money and go for the higher priced Sony, Samsung, or LG or you will most likely be replacing your set in a year or so.

  26. I like it but I got the LG 49UJ6500 I saw at Costco, don't come with the magic remote to do those type of things. I should have saved more for the one that does, I could take it back but I won't.

  27. No mention about those annoying dark corners Sony is infamous for 👎🏼

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