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Samick Bear hunter ILF Riser unboxing

In this video Grizzly Jim unboxes the Bear Hunter ILF field riser from Samick Sports.

You can view the bow on our website here:

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Take care and shoot straight

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  1. I like the clean bare bow look myself.

  2. Are these available anywhere and can you shoot from the shelf? I can't find any information on them at all.

  3. How can I get one of this?

  4. Howe can you hunt whit an ilf bow bears? they are max 60 pounds

  5. how much is that riser 👍👍

  6. Do they still make this riser in that color? I only see the Discovery.

  7. Merlin archery do you hunt

  8. Whatever happened to this one

  9. Jesus man stop babbling and just talk already!

  10. Esse arco realmente é lindo. Estou pensando em comprar um pra mim. Muito bom seu vídeo. Abraços

  11. whatever happened with this one?


  13. Simply gorgeous!

  14. I don't like the grip.   Do other grips fit on that riser?  I like a low grip.  can I fit a low grip on there?  thx

  15. Quero um….😂😂😂😂

  16. alaminoom

  17. una pieza muy bonita me gustaría hacerla podrías enviar las especificaciones para hacerlo de antemano gracias

  18. Does Merlin Archery still carry this riser? I did not see it on your website. Thanks … James

  19. Where can I get one

  20. did you know the waight of this Riser?

  21. you might improve the souvd quality. ontging wrong with the video itself though 🙂

  22. Jim, Love your Vids , but mate this Riser is too pricey.Why would i get this in place of my Martin Jag Elite ILF with Samic Tradtech limbs>This riser has a stabilizer insert is very light & is heaps cheaper.Thanks

  23. You didn't shoot it……Gaaaay

  24. something like this for a hundred quid would be ideal but for the money and compared to a 25" riser the cost just doesn't make sense especially considering for most people this is going to be a second riser they can stick there limbs on and go in the woods but also the fact you could buy 3 samick sage's for the cost. I'm not saying that Merlin's are a rip off there prices are good just disappointed I've been looking for something like this

  25. this totally looks like the soul black widow marketed by freddie archery (nomad)

  26. I shoot a bucktrail cougar. .. feel like a tramp in a Ferrari showroom here.

  27. This looks very nice, a little expensive, but nice. I'd be very interested in seeing a shooting review though I understand it's difficult as it would be more about the limbs. I've tried traditional shooting a competition recurve bow and there was too much vibration and hand shock, the bow just didn't sound happy without all is dampers and stabilisation bars..

  28. Still waiting on that Kodiak review, that you said you do "soon," like a year ago… cries a little

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