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Ryobi 18-Volt 15K BTU Hybrid Forced Air Propane Heater Review P3180

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Small Space Heater – The Ryobi 18-Volt 15K BTU Hybrid Forced Air Propane Heater was designed to heat in smaller areas and does not have the airflow from the fan that some might expect.  For a small heater like this, the lack of a strong fan allows it to be used in smaller areas without a risk of a fire.  That might not be what you are used to with many torpedo style heaters.  This heater would work in a fishing shanty or hunting blind where others that look like this might not work.  This is a small heater and we believe the looks of it might make people think it has a different application.

We applaud Ryobi for the design and ability to use this in small areas.  We also do feel some will purchase this to try and heat a large area and it might fail.  With that said, you need to watch the video above to see the thermal image of this unit running and how much heat it does produce.  That is unbelievable.

Ryobi P3180 Info
Hybrid design can be powered by a RYOBI 18-Volt battery or extension cord
Propane burner delivers up to 15,000 BTUs of heat output
Up to 1.5 hours of heating using a 1 lb. propane tank
Up to 5 hours of battery runtime using a P108 4.0 Ah high capacity LITHIUM+ battery
3-year manufacturer’s warranty
What This Heater Does Well
Living up to what Ryobi does very well, this heater will run off a Ryobi 18-volt battery or it can be used with an extension cord plugged into the wall.  Options for powering the unit are nice.  A 4.0 Ah battery will last through about 4 tanks of 1-pound propane cylinders.  The propane burner is simple to light and has safety features built in so it’s not filling the air with unburnt fuel.  There is an electric spark to ignite the heater, so no matches are needed.  If you need long-term heat, we would suggest purchasing an adapter to run the heater off a 20-pound tank.  That would be more affordable than buying many 1-pound tanks.

If in tight areas, always make sure you have fresh air coming in and that the heater is not to close to anything flammable.  Our video shows how hot this gets on the inside and outside while in use.

This is a great heater for tight spaces and it is designed well for that.  If you read a lot of reviews and people are not satisfied with it, try to see what size area they were expecting it to heat.  We read that many wanted the fan to be more powerful.  But that would not allow it to work as well in small areas.  There is a reason why this unit is designed and built how it is.


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  1. This wouldn’t be good to use inside car for emergencies right?

  2. Save your money and get the Dewalt portable battery propane heater. Just bought one at lowes for $179.99. Powerful like the Rigid and it super quiet. Stay away from Craftsman if u want quiet.

  3. I’m glad i saw this review. I may have bought it considering the size but after seeing that you really can’t feel the heat 4 feet away this does not seem like the right one for me.

  4. Would you think it may work for a bob ice fishing shed

  5. I don't understand why comparing battery operated to o 110v AC? Are these guys really think people are this unknowledgeable about this?

  6. Thanks for your honesty guys!!!

  7. Found it!!!

  8. I was wanting to use this in a tent. But what I’m planning on doing is keeping this unit outside a tent hook some stove pipe to it and run it into the tent. Our tent is an 8 x 8 would this keep it warm? Or with the fan be too weak to push it through the pipe into the tent? I know the bigger unit that you shared would be perfect but I don’t want to get too hot either.

  9. First you say to not use it inside. Then you say it works in a small space like 10 x 10. If it's a small space, that means it's inside, correct? Confused.

  10. Works great for small rooms or emergency heat cordless great
    I hav 2 if you like freezing than dont buy the damn thing it's worth it to me

  11. Yeah, spend $30 more and get the Ridgid.

  12. Ryobi is a joke with majority of its tools…Lol

  13. I have a single car garage. The Ryobi one+ propane heater did an ok job in -17 degrees

  14. I feel this would be a much better option for working in a shed. Thanks guys will have to pick one up next fall!

  15. Thanks for the video. Do you think it would heat a dugout for a girls travel softball team?

  16. Yup I got a use. Running an old tractor with a cab for blowing snow up Here in Saskatchewan Canada have not had a chance to install a heater. Few nights ago I had to transport the tractor about 15 miles. I was alone. It was -26 C daytime high Dopping to -41 Celsius plus windchill It was already dark when I left. By the time I got half way there I would have sold my left nut for a vehicle or anything to warm up with. And yessssss I was very well dressed for it. Still There is enough air movement in that cab at 12 miles an hour to create very severe wind chill in the cab. I don't just have a use I'm buying one. It's small enough to fit in the cab and I don't have to run it constantly. I Can't even count how many times in my life I've been out somewhere and a unit like this would have been a god send. My only issue is going to be availability in Canada

  17. I live in a van. I'm going to run this in my van while I sleep.

  18. Bought this and returned it next day. Waste of money. The picture on the carton is a joke. I tried using it outside and the heat went straight up to the heavens. Inside, it hardly worked. Small fan is way too small.

  19. I like the concept but I dont think it would outperform my Big Buddy heater which uses radiant heat and no noise.

  20. Glad you did this video I “was “ thinking of getting one. Cost?

  21. Is it sufficient if you're outdoors and you just need enough heat to thaw yourself out while you take a break?

  22. The pic on the box does look like a dummy using the heater in the spring time

  23. Loooooool just sit on it looooooooool

  24. That's a neat tool

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