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Record Setting Gun Sales – TGC News!

This week on TGC News, Jon Patton is talking about a space-inspired pistol comp, new stuff from Ruger and we set a record!

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● TGC 2A Rally Video –

● Ruger PC Carbine

● Ruger Mini 14 Tactical
– (at the bottom)

● Strike Industries Mass Driver comp

● Taurus Raging Hunter
– (there are a bunch in 454)

● Sig Romeo 1 pro

● NICS numbers

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47 Bình luận

  1. Lol. Remember when we though those were high numbers of back ground checks?

  2. Next time keep your stupid hi point to yourself. Nobody cares.

  3. This guy knows nothing about physics all. I watch this show because I like some of the stuff they show but when I hear this guy talk about things he knows nothing about it reminds me how stupid people really are. It's okay to have an opinion if you know what you're talkin about. The sentence he's trying to string together basically surrounds the premise from high school physics. Potential equals potential.

  4. You aren't taking into consideration the length of the slide vs. The lil spring movement out front

  5. I love everything about the Ruger 9 except the plastic ( glass Field polymer)😂😂😂

  6. I'm looking at that muzzle device promo and all I see is muzzle rise haha

  7. Of course gun sales have went up do to all the boating accidents.

  8. 18 yrs ago I bought a mini14 from Bi-mart for $299. I then told it for $250 because it couldn't hit a coffee can at 25 yards. Who is Ruger expecting to sell these to at that price these days?

  9. Blah

  10. 8:15 i am in this picture and i like it

  11. You got an instant thumbs up for the Sage Dynamics shout out.

  12. PLEASE DO THE 2nd RALLY WITH MORE ADVANCE NOTICE!!!! Please do another rally only give us a 6 month notice so us poor people can plan and set money aside….

  13. 308 pistol name do you.. Soul taker

  14. Mini 14s are great, not everyone wants an ar.

  15. John, I'm sure someone else may have posted this by now, but I'm not reading >700 posts to find out. BUT, the small pic rail section on the Ruger PPC-9 chassis carbine's MLOK handgaurd is for you to mount a small red dot sight. In doing so on the handgaurd it will remain zeroed even if you are using the Take Down feature often. It's pretty clever actually.

  16. That soy face in your thumbnail…

  17. only a fat fuck dickhead would hate on the mini 14!!!

  18. Ruger 🗣NEXT!!

  19. Get yours today, man up bitches!

  20. I'm just here for the soy face.

  21. Your awesome thank you 😈😎

  22. wonderful another shitty mystery box subscription.

  23. Just subscribed! We really like your channel over here and think you might be able to benefit from our veteran produced firearm workstations. Check us out if you get some time!

  24. Gun Owners of America, that’s how you join the fight. G.O.A.

  25. most ruger msrp are higher then what you actually pay for in store

  26. Next…

  27. And doesn’t tale AR mags lol

  28. Next

  29. So many more guns and ammo have been sold since that ass hat opened his flapper. Ruger are ya fuckin high?

  30. If the mini 14 was way less id buy one. Always loved the tactical.

  31. 9:40 is that camo for when you’re hiding in a McDonalds Ball Pit during the Big Igloo?

  32. Boooogalooo

  33. agree totally on the muzzle comp comment you made. muzzle clime in video looked no different than my non comped 9

  34. Glad to contribute to our new high score!

  35. EMP is why you should buy more guns and ammo.

  36. That Highpoint looks like it shoots bubbles and rainbows. 😁

  37. another cool thing about the mass driver comp
    its CA legal
    in CA you can't have threaded barrels on pistols

  38. Ruger loses on the Mini14 because price matters. As does accessibility to spare parts, and magazine prices. Then there is the accuracy issue. No way Im paying $1000 for a new anything rifle.

  39. Fake news. Record lows for sales. Why are you such a liar?

  40. I want a PC carbine, but the new offerings just look retarded.


  42. Mad PIG!!! Reppin' the home state!! Too bad it's Commineticut.

  43. Yeah science

  44. I used to live in NY and after the unSAFE ACT was signed I had only a few choices. An AR with a fixed 10 round mag, an AR with shit ergonomics Thordsden stock. Neither was acceptable. The Mini-14 despite some flaws was the better option. So that’s what I bought. It wasn’t perfect by any means but it was better then the other options. Now I’m in TX and I buy what ever I want! And have a real AR.

  45. I have a mini 14 and a mini 30 and i dont live in commiefornia. I half bought em cause i was a 90's kid and i loved the A-Team, half cause they were a good deal used. When you critique this gun you should do a few things. Its a ranch rifle so its meant to shoot once or twice and go back on the rack, its a work gun. Any sights you put on it other than the factory ones are stupid and useless. Its 150-5yd rifle and in that zone a sighted in cold barrel one shot coyote rifle it is amazing. You cant cook a 5 star 3 course meal with your leatherman and if you tried it wasnt the leatherman that looked stupid.

  46. I got a brand new mini 14 ten years ago for $500 on sale. That was still too much money for it.

  47. God, that Hi-Point looks like it fell into the garbage after throwing away a bunch of Missile Pops, rainbow sherbet and a leftover Teletubbies birthday cake. Good news is that it's theft-proof! Guaranteed that, even in the event of a burglary, you may come home to an empty house with just the pistol lying in the middle of the floor.

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