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Peg Hunting – 3 Stores in 1 Day! Giant Haul!

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30 Bình luận

  1. amongus

  2. Hotwheels golw wheels

  3. I’m

  4. Lucky You Here Where I Am Thay Never Sell Anything There's Like Nothing

  5. i havent seen that much stock in months

  6. In an in Antarctica

  7. I wish we had Hot Wheels in

  8. Wi

  9. please can you give away the r32 to me pleasssssss

  10. You are so cute😁

  11. Fred myer is the only store that’s ever stocked

  12. Pro Tip: Do NOT waste your time and money searching for "Treasure Hunt", "Super Treasure Hunt", "Chase", "White Lightning", and other stupid selling gimmicks. Also, do not fall for "Limited Edition", "Special Edition", "1 of 10,000", or other similar selling gimmicks. I will talk more about this on my channel.

  13. There are only 139 Fred Meyer stores. They are located in Oregon, Washington, Idaho, and Alaska. Fred Meyer exclusives are worth thousands of dollars per car. I will talk more about this on my channel.

  14. I saw this video watch this video when I was gr5 now I’m gr8

  15. Sri Lanka has matchbox hot wheels

  16. In Sri Lanka one Hot Wheel car is 500 rs that means 500 dollars

  17. Where’s this fred meyers?

  18. "i'm not a scalper" buys 10 of the same car

  19. mans just ignored the yellow rx7 with the carbon hood?

  20. Man I love my dad but this guy would be awesome dad ngl go out and buy hot wheels he’s got so many cool ones and he’s a nice guy

  21. My Walmart and targets are always empty

  22. aint no way shorty just passed a 911 gt3 rs

  23. Why u so gay

  24. most of the cars in hot wheels really suck. most of them are Lamborghini and Tesla and mostly all that stuff. I really like the old cars they look better.

  25. How can you tell it’s a treasure hunt/super treasure hunt

  26. Went to terget today and it was very dry maybe 5 cars left. Asked for any new boxes in the back and they said they dont get another box for 13 more days

  27. I have a collection of hot wheels i have like 50 to 80 hot wheels i have that beetle

  28. You won’t find STH or TH at my local Wally and Targets. Multiple guys there every day right at open. Pathetic but that’s the reality of shopping for the die cast toys.

  29. I really liked the cars in 20 the packs you was looking at in target

  30. Target has really good cars

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