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Jeff Bezos: The electricity metaphor

The dot-com boom and bust is often compared to the Gold Rush. But Amazon.com founder Jeff Bezos says its more like the early days of the electric industry.

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  1. This talk ages very well. Bravo Bezos!

  2. No further comment on all of dat. It's just no worthwhile the oxygen wasted.

  3. There's a lot of negativity about the metaverse out there today. I think this video applies to it very well. The metaverse is still in its early stages and someday people won't be able to live without it.

  4. Throughout The Pandemic people dying everywhere, theyre hungry, middle class folks became homeless and not one corporation, not one billionaire stepped up to help, instead they had record profit years and some built spaceships. We needed a Hero but couldnt get a Chicago Gangster. 500 Billion dollars and not one cent to help. They are Bastards

  5. I just got back from the mall, what's this Internet commerce thing?

  6. Sometimes its not the Right Time for an Invention, Sometimes they Go Slower instead of a Gold Rush.

  7. Does he have a brain surgery

  8. That man knows how to learn from history, and had read a lot of books.

  9. 2022, Looking For That Light 💡

  10. Perfect example of rotten American culture, he will sell your children and you will let him

  11. Bezoz is very expressive

  12. i love this guy. he deserves every dollar he has made coz he's made shopping easier. if you're complaining about amazon's work culture as an american, i bet an immigrant won't complain. they'll work twice as hard and you'll protest that they're stealing your jobs. GET A GRIP.

  13. Nowadays that methaphor would be for Cryptocurrency.
    Prove me wrong.
    I'll come back in 5 yrs to check

  14. Loser

  15. Lembrando que isso foi 4 anos antes do início da próxima corrida do ouro, protagonizada pelo Bitcoin.

  16. Western civilisation and the continuity of supremacy has been ruined by this reckless bald man making meaningless investment on 愛AI

  17. Say what you want about him, but the man's got a serious set of brains on him, and he wouldn't have gotten to where he is today without it.

  18. Everyone is chasing paper right? I agree with Jeff Bezos today

  19. Wish TED would do a 2021 version with Jeff Bezos with this!

  20. Thank you so much godbless Amen

  21. Gife

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