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I tried NuFace, a $300 anti-aging tool, for a month | Before and After Photos

I purchased then used the NuFace Trinity for a month. Their before and after photos from the micro-current (electric stimulation) treatments looked DRAMATIC and I wanted that too! Did I get it? I’ll show you unretouched before and after photos and video so you can decide for yourself!

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*Time Stamps*
0:00 Intro
1:09 Nuface Claims
3:38 Using the Nuface
6:42 Review – Before/After Photos
7:55 Progress Videos
9:56 Info from Dr Shah of Doctorly
13:27 Testing Dr Shah’s Theory
14:19 Conclusions

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  1. Harpers Bazaar has a great recent article investigating HA (main ingredient in that serum) and how its not as great as we think

  2. is 19 too young to start using this? i wanna use it as a preventative

  3. I used it everyday for over a month, then realized it said to use it only 5, so i cut it back. Now it’s been nearly 3 months and I use it for 20 minutes and still this has done nothing. I’m 66, so maybe too old to expect results, but I almost feel it made my skin MORE wrinkled on my cheeks which I had never noticed before! So very disappointed overall.

  4. Lmao!! Finally a video on what I figured out years ago. Did the same. Took the trinity back and just buy the gel. But you know what else does this effect…aloe Vera gel 😳🤔😮😝💗💗💗💗

  5. This device is amazing ! I've been using for over 4 years, and, it is absolutely, amazing!You don't like it , because, you are expecting to see results too fast!

  6. hmmm i feel like your face does look more symmetrical after a month of using it. reguardless, im still excited for mine t come in <3

  7. A high water content gel, aloe 99% is my go to. It’s the water that conducts not any ‘magic` ingredients in the Nuface gel. I use a Holika aloe, £10 for 400ml.

  8. THANKYOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Thanks for the review this is really helpful. $300 is a lot of money to spend. This will help a lot of people.

  10. I own the Mini version of this.. I haven't touched it in years in fact I don't even know which Box it's still packed in still packed in but I'm just wondering if the Mini will work as well as the full size?

  11. I see in your mimicking that you wrinkle your forehead a lot (nothing wrong with that!), but off course any softening of wrinkles due to treatment will reverse as soon as you start frowning again. The only thing that can remove already formed wrinkles in an area that is under extensive movement is lessening the movement in the underlying muscles. Personally I feel the micro current is better for toning facial features than removing pronounced forehead wrinkles.

  12. Can you use this if you have fillings?also have a titanium pin in my leg(broke it a few years back )

  13. Just came across this. A little tip: I first apply a peptide serum on my face, then the Aloe Vera gel w/a drop of magnesium in it and then use the Nuface Mini (which I got for $140) & I use it for 15 minutes 4x's a week, and it's a game changer. When I've used serums alone, never have I gotten my skin as healthy, glowing and flawless as when I use a micro-current with the serums. I don't even need foundation anymore. Sunscreen is all I use. HA has never done anything for me, except dry out my skin.

  14. Thank you for sharing. I have been using Nuface for about over a month already. This is not so much for a short term result. I think the more I use it, the more results I see. Using Nuface is like going to the gym. You have to be consistent in order to see results. If you don't do the treatment as instructed (5 days a week- 2 months and 3 days a week after 2 months for maintenance), you will not see results. I think maybe it was not for you because it is kind of boring and tiring to do the treatment. And I agree, it takes longer than 5 minutes. lol I see the device as an investment. Yes, it's expensive, but long term, I think it's worthet for me personally. My elevens are disappearing. I see less and less deepness in the lines the more I use it. The ELE device has helped with under eye puffiness. I can see an instant result. But the more I use it, the less puffiness I have under my eyes. I think its is 100% worthet to buy the device. Yes, the gel has all of these benefits which helps with lifiting, fine lines etc… However, you get even better results with the machine. Both work to gether to get that optimal lifting and contouring of the jaw line. A gel itself will work partially. But with the machine, it will definitely work on your skin even more! I love it! This is my personal opinion. Girls… remember this is more for long term results than short term. Think of it like this. The more you workout, the better results you get. The more consistent you are with Nuface, over the years… the more results you will have. I think its safer than using temporary dermafillers and botox that are way more expensive and only last for a few months. Hope this helps.

  15. NuFace is not supposed to work in a week.

  16. Wow a doctor that makes his living by injecting faces with chemicals to look younger would not be on board with any amount of muscle toning or exercising is a big surprise.

  17. Yeah I got stung like little electric shocked..lol

  18. This is the first video of yours I've seen and you're fabulous! I love the honesty, research, cleverness, and humor you show. Subscribed!

  19. There’s absolutely no scientific evidence to show that microcurrent works. Yes retinol vit c and Led at home devices

  20. You are amazing. Thank you for being honest and truly helping your viewers. Spending that much money on something that may actually cause more wrinkles in the long run. Amazing. You are great, thank you again.

  21. Omg you’re hilarious! Thank you for your honest review of this product.

  22. Could I use a acid hyaluronic cream? Is there any risk?

  23. I'm fifty. All my wrinkles went away when I stopped wearing makeup. Hardest thing to do. Most AMAZING results. LOVE, LOVE not wearing makeup! Can't stress that enough!!
    My sister bought me this device and I'm checking results and reviews. I stopped using it during humid months, plus I just unpacked it after a move. Winter's here and I'll use it again.

  24. I think Microcurrent helps more with contour and sagging….or at least that's what I have been seeing. Doesn't so much for wrinkles. I have noticed a difference in these areas

  25. Its obvious why results didn't last!
    Microcurrent won't do much for forhead wrinkles if the forehead will keep on being tense.

    You can use the device and improve it slightly and then go about your day and continue being expressive with your forehead, wrinkling it and completely undo the benefits.

    Its a matter of changing habit here I think botox would be a better solution since it paralyses the muscle so maybe would be more helpful in changing the habit of using forehead expressions while talking.

  26. I’ve had great results with the Nuface, I’m just lazy and you have to keep it up. Wet your face before putting on gel to keep it from drying, and do one side at a time. I keep a spray bottled of rose water, the gel lasts me ages this way.

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