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I ACTUALLY Need to Buy Some Stuff – Black Friday Shopping Stream

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We’re back with our yearly tradition of black Friday deal hunting – but with the ongoing silicon shortages, can we still build a PC?

Buy Xbox Elite Series 2 Controller
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Buy Corsair iCUE 4000X RGB Mid-Tower ATX PC Case – White
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Buy Nintendo Switch OLED
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Buy Mario Party Superstars
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Buy The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild
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Buy Super Mario Party
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Buy Ring Fit Adventure
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Buy Panasonic eneloop pro Rechargeable AAA Batteries (8-pack)
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Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones 700
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ASUS – ROG Flow X13 2-in-1 13.4″ 4K Ultra HD Touch-Screen Laptop on Best Buy (PAID LINK):

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Buy Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 256GB On Amazon (PAID LINK):
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  1. Love the channel, and I know this is an old video, but I have your channel playing all the time in the background. I happen to hear that your xbox 360 controller is getting some drift in it, they are easy to fix. Just replace the potentiometer disc.. very easy, and you can even do it without soldering. I'm sure you can find the videos on how to replace them on your own, but you build pc's for a living, this repair is a cake walk. You probably already know about this, but I figured I'd mention it in case for some reason you don't.

  2. 1:15:20 chairs

  3. that controller discussion brought back soo many memories… like my trashy, cheap controller i had dedicated for trowing xD or a mate and me putting hot glue on our shoulderbuttons on our 360 controllers as triggerstops before we got our first scufs… good old times

  4. Came for background noise. Left learning that mattresses are running a scam.

  5. 1:06:34

  6. Linus took a guy that didn't know anything about computers and made him someone that is almost competent with older and newer tech.

  7. Jake is an excellent co-host of this show.

  8. The elite two is a really good controller way better then series one. Adjustable tension and 3 locking points on trigger compared to only two.

  9. With all this talk about this mysterious flight to tel Aviv.. please tell me that these business meetings and this epic journey and negotiation are in the pursuit of the LTT store yamica! In all the colors except right to left

  10. I've always wondered this, so noise canceling headphones, if my understanding is correct play a frequency back that cancels out the noise from the outside… hence that feeling of pressure, and they've gotten better at masking this… So when you're talking about your damaging environments, or when you're just talking about having a constant pulse of sound that you're not aware of, does that potentially cause hearing damage? Could it cause hearing damage? I have never heard one thing out of the ethos with regards to anybody talking about that or even posing the question, and that's that's usually that's usually not good LOL… Used to be when that was the thing, it was because it wasn't.. or it wasn't known, but a quick study of history over the last hundred years kind of paid some different picture especially the last 20…

    I know what keeps me from actually going down the rabbit hole is it's an industry staple, so… Whenever something is a market leader and you think about it for half a second and wonder oh wow I wonder if that I wonder if that's damaging or toxic or dangerous, well you are not going to find those answers easily.. and I'm starting to just get that throw up feeling in my mouth whenever I get marketing gas lit. That and all search engines seem to use Google API and the ones that don't, well there… I mean God bless them right, or rather as they say in the south 'Bless Your Heart'… The Google API is useless for finding things that don't want to be found, or even just regular things, it almost functions more as a replacement for a favorites bar than anything else or like a hub for commonly visited sites…. Bing used to actually work really well, using the old Yahoo API, Bing has now become the joke that bing always was in the shadow of, but somehow worse and more so and more frustrating and utterly fucking ridiculous… Like, how did you try so hard to be worse than the reputation you originally didn't deserve LOL… I suppose I could go look up research papers, that's a nightmare, and honestly falls under the same category of bullshit half the time.. you think I could just be doing this right now instead of bitching about it randomly in a post that has nothing to do with apis and is on a YouTube comments forum LOL… Excuse me comment section it's definitely not a forum LOL.

    And yet every time I just go ahead with the plunge, let's just say I I'm I'm I've almost built up clockwork Orange subliminal conditioning against it, and it it always ends up while not surprising anymore almost surprising how it can always be this bad or worse.. that's of course if you can even trust the information, good luck collecting samples.. and this is after you've managed to get past the I don't know 30 pages or so of 10 best noise canceling headphones LOL. Although my favorite of those is definitely the Bose website that has leaned full into the dogmatic chiropractory Apple Steve Jobs Messianic cult want to be shit.. which makes sense their headphones are trash, they haven't made good audio gear in a long time.. but they they have this about Dr bows, and I swear to God I don't know if it does now, but a few years ago it literally started the timeline with "Dr Bose was born" or some shit like that, and the rest of the greatest hits goes down exactly in that manner.. it's not far off to the origin story of some authoritarian State dictator, thinking specifically of North Korea.. but there were no cranes,, those didn't need crayons he just needed to be born bitch… you're welcome. All the more appropriate as I listen to this in the background, Linus is talking about going off on a tangent…

    Anyhow if someone reads any of this and knows an answer, like actually knows an answer.. I would love to debate this and in theory and and all that shit but that's not how the internet works apparently, so if somebody actually knows that'd be awesome.. but I've already hit past that 150 character limit for internet so I'm assuming this is going to go nowhere…

  11. You know, all I could think about was the hot wheels PC.. and then I had a thought,, giving my theory that the rise of shielded motherboards has something to do with y'all building computers again on your channel*. Whatever their case should be, it should be as robust as it were as it possibly can be.. like kids are kids, shits going to happen… And with your resources and whatnot, I'm sure actually putting together something that's reinforced and spill proof etc, actually is an option that wouldn't have nearly the performance impact that usually would ensue.. just a thought lol.

    *.. no offense man I drop everything my own self, sometimes I just don't even bother picking it up I'm just going to drop it again LOL

  12. Linus was not exaggerating about mario party on the switch. The amount of text boxes you have to clear just to roll the dice is mind numbing. I feel sorry for the kids getting it for chirstmas this year, its trash.

  13. Elite 2 is worth the upgrade purely for the grip – they dont seem to have that rubber that wears off eventually like the first one did
    the lack of a rounded right stick did bother me though

  14. Crazy how linus intends to use a phone for many years, and to ensure this, reduces the max charge to the point where the phone user experience is notably worse for him

  15. Linus – "It's for a 7 year old girl…"

    Jake – "No I mean for me!"

    Missed opportunity from Linus – "….my comment stands"

  16. Amazon – They are both top sellers because they were two different things.

  17. Man that Ring fit. We got it last year for 29.99 at walmart lol

  18. Seasons greetings and happy new year to all

  19. best accessory for anlog sticks are Resistenz Rings (some sponge ring)

  20. Don't know why people are hating on ring fit adventure, yeah they give you instructions but they are basically skippable and you only do it once per session no matter how long which was the main complaint. Also it's a great workout game, oh no your bored from doing squats, what do you expect they're squats. If you want a less "boring" exercise routine your basically stuck playing a sport or whatever outside but even that will have some boredom.

    If you care about getting into and staying in shape it's honestly such an amazing game and probably my favorite game for switch

  21. For rechargable AA and AAA go for ikea stuff, they are supposed to be eneloops with different sticker, tech data is preaty close.

  22. Hearing someone say "$4k for a bed isn't that bad" just shows the kinds of bubbles we're in. I heard that and thought, "yeah that's somewhat pricey but doable" and then remembered when that was a month of 60 hour weeks with insane bonuses for me not long ago.

  23. Hey im patth and in aboutbto join.

  24. Glad to hear someone else is that AR around language. I'd add that word definitions ought to be reasonably STABLE. How can we speak properly if the definitions of words actually changes at all frequently? And, am I the only one who is concerned that altering meanings can be a dangerous thing for the wider populace. Good show. Enjoy what you guys do. I also like that the REAL stuff you are going to likely actually do, exists in an Excel Spreadsheet. Excel fan boi here, yes.

  25. 1:31:33 imagine if bendpak had little demo units for it that happened to be the perfect size for the go karts

  26. Dislike

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