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Gas One Portable stove – Best portable stove review

The Gas One portable stove is a nice compact unit that can run on 8 oz. butane or 16 oz propane bottles. Great for camping, fishing, hunting, and emergency preparedness.

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  1. I bought a Whip It butane stove on Ebay for 24.00 and free ship with 4 cans of butane! These are great for camping or emergency! You put a can in and you can be cooking in 10 seconds flat…beautiful blue flame! You just have to be careful to use the correct size cookware and don't extend it over the butane sleeve. I really like mine…you can cook breakfast in 10 minutes or less!

  2. Does anyone else have problems with the canister cover?
    The cover seems to be flimsy and not lock.
    Keep in mind I do not have a BTU canister inside.
    I'm doing a dry run make sure everything works correctly but I can't get the cover to lock..

  3. I will definitely be buying this brand again!

  4. Where can I buy one?

  5. But it's my understanding that you have to use the GasOne Butane Canisters…other brands will not work ?????

  6. How long do you think 1 tank last.

  7. I gave him a thumbs up anyway but the main reason why I clicked on the video and if anyone can help me please chime in, is how to set the lever in the down position. I have you used mine many times before storing it away for the last 3 years. Once taken out of the case, I noticed that the knob was off showing not a scratch anywhere on the unit but two little chunks of where the plastic wrapped around the metal rod. Now I understand that the knob has that bump out that will catch an arm to cause the ignition and the fuel to flow. Okay I can manipulate that forget that this theoretically work but when I will try I would get no spark and no fuel so I noticed that the lever is not set and when I try to hide the candy are in the right position and push down the lever only goes so far and then it goes back up. I'm pretty sure that's where my problem is… any ideas?

  8. can I leave this on the patio attached to a propane or butane tank? or do I have to store it indoors? I live in an apartment in Florida and can't stand cooking fish indoors because you have the air on all day.

  9. Just received mine yesterday from Amazon and fired it up with a 1 lb. propane bottle. Worked great and burned clean! Seems as though wind will bother it a bit so I did buy the 10 panel wind-protector to go with it and it helped. Good unit! Thanks for the video.

  10. Who does that? Does a whole dang video and doesn't show how to put the butane in. Boi.

  11. I have one of these. I've been a vandweller for a year now since I retired from trucking. This little stove works great!

  12. if you can demonstrate to use the 8oz butane, it will be even better.

  13. From Wisconsin?

  14. Good unit but don't expect a fierce flame

  15. The only reason I stopped in was to see exactly how the butane bottle is
    inserted, and of course , that wasn't even shown.
    A six page instruction manual is included, with less than half a page of
    how to set it up.

  16. Could I use this inside a van safely?

  17. Beautiful!

  18. What's the btu rating with propane? With butane?

  19. I just got one but it’s not that brand you said you can get a windscreen could you tell me where I could look that up and how much it would be. Because I noticed my gas gets blown out when I’m cooking on it

  20. I imagine the price must of changed sense this video was made because I ordered mine last night through Amazon for $29.58 instead of$39.00. Anyway great video and if it wasn't for this video I wouldn't of found this great little stove. Thank you buddy and take care. Thumbs up on your video. 👍

  21. I want one of these. I have an electric stove but I like cooking with gas stoves more.

  22. U should show the viewers how u put the butane can in.

  23. This was more of a steak review than a stove review.

  24. It looks like you used a 10" cast iron skillet. Do you think a 12" cast iron skillet would work? Thank you for the demonstration. One of my main questions was if this stove produces enough heat to sear a steak or vegetables over significantly high heat. I'm thinking of getting a cast iron skillet with a lid to further increase the searing power.

  25. how many years does it last.
    anyone who have been using more that 4?

  26. I would like to see the propane bottle connecting up.

  27. About how long does the gas last?

  28. how long a refill runs?

  29. I was in the fence when buying this unit allmy.tips/Iwatani_stove?14N I am glad I pulled the trigger. Wow, this is a powerful unit, looks sharp and so easy to use. This little guy puts out way more heat than my stove. I use it for my wok, hotpot and when needing to boil a big pot for soup stock.

  30. haw you install small propane in stove explain please

  31. How much is it can I get it at Wal-Mart??

  32. Do you know if they make one for indoor use? Or can you recommend another stove for indoor use? Thank you! Great video. I subbed ya. Blessings!

  33. I will NEVER buy another product from gas one . I got the mini version of this and the only thing worse than the material is the assembly. The parts fit so poorly that it had to be bent at the factory to get the screws in and it’s missing 2 screws because it didn’t line up. It is bent so bad that the pot support isn’t flat enough to put a pan on and it leaks butane. There is a warning in the box saying if it leaks don’t use it so I’m guessing they know about the problem. I was going to send it back but I already paid shipping to get it here and if I pay to send it back and pay again to get a replacement to me it just doesn’t make sense because it’s almost as much as the original cost. The box was not damaged so this did not happen in shipping. You can clearly see the parts just don’t line up.

  34. Nice but wind is a big factor

  35. I got a vintage athenna stove with single big round burner (made in japan)
    Way better than the modern stove
    The only cons
    Not dual just works with butane canisters

  36. Why can't you use it for indoor use? How many BTUs? Dimensions? What other brands of butane can be used with this stove? I guess you are not into details about the product and have yet to answer any questions–not serious about selling this or demonstrating these. I think you are idiots.

  37. Mine didn't come with the propane hose.

  38. mmmmm…fire burn meat! meat good!!

  39. If it is available in India ???

  40. Love the stoves, HATE pan frying steaks. Might as well microwave it.

  41. Yes, you can use it inside duh, just make sure you have a bit of ventilation.

  42. All these type stove all exactly the same and all exactly the same as the Colmen one.

  43. I've seen this exact same stove but just rebranded in the adventuridge brand. It seems to be mass-produced then sold to different companies. Still doesn't take away that it's a pretty good stove.

  44. I've seen reviews for it on amazon claiming that the stove tends to develop a leak at the fuel connection point causing fireballs. Have you experienced any of this?

  45. Hey guys !
    Can anyone recommend any brands for this portable stoves please .
    Thank you !

  46. how many btu’s?

  47. اوريد الحصول على واحد هل ممكن ارجو الرد

  48. Thanks for the functional review. It was great. I'll be buying one today. 🙂

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