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25 Bình luận

  1. Love the 50,000 dollar boat sitting in the driveway of the 20,000 mobile home.

  2. 9 cassette tapes. Lying, cheap ass.

  3. Why you got to lowball people so much?

  4. From watching this guy's videos I can tell he must have been a great teacher.

  5. I don't understand why people, who have garage sales, can't get up off their butts to walk over and give prices instead of having to shout!

  6. Who really uses GPS devices? Everybody has GPS on their phones.

  7. I do appreciate the pictures of Virginia at the end of your videos. Such pretty country that I’ll never be able to visit myself, so thanks!

  8. Garage sale owners don’t owe you anything dude! Pay the dollar and stfu!

  9. Oh wonder if the Homeschool Picker saw you leave that big pot behind. 😎

  10. Love how they had WVU stuff and VT stuff

  11. Wow you have a lot of merch!

  12. Wow you have a lot of merch!

  13. Wow

  14. I’ll buy this and hang it in the trees 😂

  15. When she picked up the phone and called her husband 😡

  16. Why didn't you get the green pot that you put the comp up for? How did you get the stains out of the Tuppperware?

  17. Ray Stevens is one of our favorites ❤️ My Dad always played him for my kids when they were young. Great sales!

  18. I love when you take time to say hi to the doggos

  19. You offered $25 at the end and settled on $26…then paid $27. Lol. I had to watch without audio to count it. Awe well. Still a good deal. Enjoy your videos.

  20. Leave some room for the seller to make some money. As the highway noise in the background drowns out the conversation.


  22. I love your music

  23. I’m impressed with what those hamburger Tupperware things sold for. Fun negotiations and nice nature scene at the end 🌺🌺

  24. My father in law loved Ray Stevens!!!

  25. That's a cool idea about the shower radio! Next time I see them I'm going to do the same thing lol!!!

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