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  1. I wash my electric blankets in cold water & on gentle cycle dry it on low heat

  2. amy i don,t know how anything gets home in one piece with frugal daddy throwing it in the car men right

  3. What's up guys? Have a great dive

  4. In the old days they called it a bed jacket

  5. 你们夫妻太幽默太可爱了!

  6. OMG this makes me want to go DUMPSTER DIVING I miss them day's them was the good old days now very thing stay locked 😭😭😭😭

  7. Everything okay with y’all? I miss your videos!!

  8. Every time I watching this vlog I wish have same her to very bless there place to have have nice day very beautiful young girls

  9. You should have the girls help you on one of your Dives

  10. Big Like! Well done! 😍

  11. Pretty girls so cuteeee 😍

  12. The girls are so cute, frugal daddy how was the flour shower lol.nice fin

  13. What’s the sealed package of red balls, etc, FD put in a box (1:00), then takes out of a box and tosses aside (1:04)? Looks like red onions? But in a vacuum sealed package like that?? Just curious.

  14. Did they really try it?

  15. some people think this is the easy way to get food,its a lot of hard work,i know ive done it before ,all that lifting and towing boxes and not to mention having to wash all the idems .

  16. it would be a great viedo to see what you do with all that food and how you store it!

  17. are they Twin

  18. Your girls act just like you!!! TOO CUTE!

  19. With all of that flour, at least he did not stick to the dumpster! hahahaha

  20. They will be able to speak of the white powder flour incident of 2021 for many years!

  21. Throwing face masks out!!

  22. The girls are really growing up! Enjoyed seeing them!

  23. Great find with the electric blanket. Forgot about that.

  24. For the life of me I don't understand why they throw away an unopened package of mask. Don't get it. What a waste.

  25. I had to LOL when the twins did the applesauce review..they've really grown up..I love their little personalities. 😂

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