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Discus Collecting, Attempt to hunt up some Discus around a fallen tree in the Amazon

Catching wild discus fish in the Amazon is something few people get to experience – and definitely one I won’t forget. I literally woke up from a nap and saw the nets out going for Discus Fish. Pretty fun to see this discus collecting going down.

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Catching Discus, Trying to catch discus fish.
I started this video from up on the boat. It was mega hot this day and i was having some trouble cooling off. Probably didn’t help the fact that I had a few beers at lunch. This spot looked perfect for discus. They actually aren’t native to this part of the river however but one of the dudes on the trip really wanted some so we tried. The truth is that the are around many parts of the river as there was a discus farm that flooded many years back. Presto, discus. We didn’t get any the whole trip, which didn’t bother me as I don’t keep them, though I would have liked to have pulled some up just to see them. At this spot there were the most Peacock bass, you don’t see any in this netting, but the next few they were jumping over the net as it was pulled in. The Red Hooks were super baller as they had this black strip on them. Sadly they get too big and eat plants so I didn’t bring any back. I’ll show you all my fish tomorrow, though it is my daughters 3rd Bday, so that comes first!

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50 Bình luận

  1. 2:15 that geophagus!

  2. Kenapa ditangkapin discudnya sayang

  3. for everyone saying something against collectin fish from wild, try to search for project Piaba, collecting fish for aquarium hobby is the way of earning money for local people, if they dont catch fish for aquarium hobby, they will catch them to eat them, but from selling discus or angelfish, etc. , they can buy food for whole family instead of few bites of meat those fish have. Thats one thing, other thing is, if they dont catch fish for aquarium hobby, they will cut down trees to sell wood, destroying natural habitat. People that catch those fish are preserving their natural habitat so they can catch them again and have stabile income. Btw. in south america there are rain season and dry season. In rain season water floats the forrest, in dry season instead of floating forest, there are only ponds left behind and fish are traped in there. Ponds are drying out and lot of fish will die. Animals cant eat all of them and they are rotting, thats waste. Catching them will save them. And last thing, fish dont have so long memories as people, they dont remember being in the wild, after few days they will act the same way as aquarium raised fish. So in my opiniom, catching those fish is good thing, of course catching them must be controled and limits have to be set so they can be stabile populations of them.

  4. DICSUS FISH-Love/Hate 7 Reasons I Don't Keep Discus in My Aquariums

  5. It's crazy how Discus need pristine water conditions in aquariums, but they live in murky water😱🤔

  6. Im really super surprised at you dustin…i think i cant be a fan anymore and hav to unsubscribe znd i really am sad about it..i just cant believe you are ok and encourage wild caught species,makes me lose all repect for you..i had no real idea you were into that.😣

  7. Wish I was there

  8. Why can't fish like these live in America 🤦‍♂️

  9. My aye look at a tree 😂😂

  10. please just leave them in their natural habitat

  11. 1:34 that gotta hurt 😶

  12. always suppourting but i dont soupport catchinng wild animl for cavtive

  13. This is so cool. what can I do to get a job like this? and if you don't mind me asking, what does pay? I'm just a kid with dreams lmao

  14. Catching wild caught fish when we have the option to buy captive bred fish gives the fish keeping hobby a bad rep. Like if you agree.

  15. I dont like keeping wild caught fish

  16. What's up Fishtank People? I am doing a bunch of 30 second videos on Instagram- Follow me for more shorter random videos CLICK HERE: https://www.instagram.com/dustinsfishtanks/

  17. Misleading title, no discus!

  18. I rather buy captivity bred fishes

  19. Get out of the river haven't you seen the movie Piranha. Hahaha

  20. 3:08 dj kahled

  21. He he can catch an actual like what is fish meat can ya mod skipper's fish he can dry up the order that doesn't need lever like a new video mate but please ask him if he can get a mod skipper alright here I won't even like in you will get this money on the Internet so do so yeah I will give you about about a 50 or 60 like a sink so then you'll become more famous than year old so it's weird how about spelling all this by myself not at all not by my brother, Brentwood is there different country and I am pakistan so new yeah yeah yeah hello that that was supposed to be yeah not please try catch a mud skipper but don't eat it they are freaking poisonous do not eat It Part 3 lines on that do not eat it do not eat it do not eat do not eat it do not eat it do not eat it do not eat it we going ok if you go on break a to a tropical island also I don't ask you to Bart Kiki kannibal make me happy so by this is from allah weiner oops and I am a girl by the way 8 year old girl good that's not my name that's just my YouTube name is called what's my name again what's my name how it's spelt mum wrong Batman someone so so my name is actually Deanna so yeah don't leave me get something yes wrong it is spelling I'm sending it

  22. i personally dont believe in catching fish from the wild and putting them in aquariums. i dont know why i just feel guilty knowing they know what it's like being free but they cant be. i had a male betta in my community tank but as soon as i added some gouramis he started being aggressive and i had to take him out and put him in a smaller tank and i just feel awful about it.

  23. Fascinating stuff. Really cool seeing the process behind catching an aquarium fish. Would love to collab with you in the future. Please let us know! Thanks.

  24. I saw a tadpole

  25. Easy money johanan

  26. How did you get to the amozon

  27. @ iwusajda is not the clarity of the water but the chemical composition like pH, hardness etc.

  28. I want to know too. Why is it that fishes live in such less than crystal clear waters in their natural habitat but requires such clean water to thrive in captivity?

  29. you said first shower in a couple of days,you mean you don't take showers every day what a pig you are yuck ( 0.23

  30. Wish I could go net some discus.

  31. Pisses me how they treat the fish only like merchandise.

  32. Man that is awesome!

  33. Theres some nice looking fish in that nasty water

  34. i wish i wre there now. lol.

  35. Internet tough guys….. ruining Dustins' vid. Shame on you!

  36. Looking at all the workers it takes to collect fish from the wild how can they make any money selling the fish for export..
    ps – your videos are fascinating….don't like all the cussing, tho, probably because I'm 77 and wasn't as much swearing then growing up as now

  37. I can swear all the fuck I want to and carry on as much as i want. And obviously you don't what trolling is, your comment whether or not u meant it, flamed up arguments and got people pissed. That right there is the definition of trolling. Stop acting so innocent, don't make stupid comments if you don't want people getting mad.

  38. Please stop swearing and carrying on at me, I can express my thoughts as can you but there is no need to start with the foul language, especially when kids watch this channel for the great work Dustin does with fish etc. I am no troll, I asked a simple question, that's it. Enough said I reckon, have a good weekend.

  39. If you knew it was for a good reason then why the fuck were you trolling? And obviously you are an overboard andimal avtivist if you think simply throwing a fish in a bucket harms it in any way. What do people do when they catch a fish? THROW it back in the water, duh.

  40. Correction….I meant to say….
    I hope that catching these fish was for a good reason.
    Knowing Dustin from watching his videos, I can only assume it was for a fair reason.
    I am not one of these overboard animal cruelty activists or anything, I was simply making an observation and expressing my thoughts as we are all entitled to do and no one deserves abuse or name calling for expressing their views no matter how different they are to your own.

  41. Excuse me, I not deserve to be called names just because I voice my thoughts as you have voiced yours, except yours are not nice. That's the one big problem with this place, there are too many people who think their own opinion is right and feel the need to abuse others for having a different thought pattern. If none of these fish were harmed then that's great, I simply asked a question & made an observation & this does not deserve name calling. I accidently wrongly worded my last sentence.

  42. Everyone please give this idiot a thumbs down, these fish are not being harmed in any way.

  43. Also, great video. Going seining is incredibly fun; you never know what is going to come up in the net!

  44. Here we go again. I'm an aspiring biologist and have worked with biologists, and just this Wednesday we went seining for my ecology class to examine species diversity. My professor, who is an ecologist specializing in aquatics/ichthyology, handles fish in the same manner. They know what they are doing. Relax.

  45. I will go to the amazon one day 🙂

  46. Geez, calm down, I was just asking and observing and yes, I do watch this channel a lot and yes, I know that Dustin was filming it, not intentionally killing fish.
    And again, yes I know fish die and yes, I agree about the water quality.
    Nice talking with you:) Have a great one.

  47. Very cool Dustin,,, I would love so much to do this..

  48. plenty of fish in the sea or river no more

  49. lazy tactics and small scale version of the big guys with the bigger boats and nets is all i am seeing here

  50. 1:32 rim shot…ouch

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