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Cheap vs. Expensive Arrows

AJA Decals and Tuning Cards:
Arrows shown:
Gold Tip (Expedition) Hunter 400:
Easton Carbon Storm 340:
Victory 400:
Carbon Express Wolverine 30/50:
Easton Axis 300:

Get OnX Hunt:
Email: [email protected]
Bowhunter Box Club:

Gear I Use!

Bows: Elite Energy 35, Elite Answer, 30″ draw, 50-60 pounds
Optics: Maven C.1 10×42 Vortex Diamondback 10×42
Arrows: Easton Axis 300 Easton Camo Hunter XX75 2315/2415 Gold Tip XT Hunter 300
Releases: TruBall Stinger TruBall BT Gold 4 Finger
Rests: QAD HDX Trophy Ridge Whisker Biscuit Trophy Ridge Tack Driver NAP Nighthawk
Broadheads: Magnus Stinger/Buzzcut Black Hornet/Ser-Razor
Vanes: Blazer, Fusion X Qii, Bohning X Vanes
Sights: Trophy Ridge Peak V5 GWS AR-19 Single Pin
Quiver: Bohning Lynx 4 Arrow
Bow Press: Last Chance Archery EZ Green
Targets: Morrell Targets High Roller 21 YJ 450
Treestands: Gorilla Climbing Treestand XOP Vanish Treestand API Outdoors Huntin’ Sticks with Lone Wolf Versa Button rope modification
Camera: Canon Rebel t6i 18mm-55mm kit lens
Mic: Movo VXR10 Full Saddle Hunting Setup:
11mm Static Line:
8mm Accessory Cord:
Carabiners: Black Diamond, Mad Rock,
EZ Hunter Sit Drag:
Ropeman MK Ascender:
Foam Pad:
Primal V Step:
Black Diamond BOD Harness:


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  1. the question is why do i care about better tolerances if im only shooting recreationally

  2. So I just started to actually get serious about archery,bought a solution ss,which I love. I'm getting good groups but what would you recommend on where to put my equipment investments first,arrows and fletching tools etc. Or sights and rests. I'm running a whisker biscuit and s trophy ridge sight. It's alright but definitely want to upgrade. Just unsure on where to start and where to focus first. Like most of us,I don't have thousands to jus go out and buy all at once. Bought a quality bow kinda as a baseline I'd be happy with and working up from there

  3. Are these arrows for compound bows only?

  4. So basically if you're trying to split the atom from a 1000 yards, dont buy cheap arrows. Otherwise, they're fine.

  5. Okay, who wins – national champion shooting cheap arrows or you shooting any arrow you want?

  6. So I got to have a dozen of the youth wood arrows from three Rivers archery I'm just shooting the 20 lb but I love it wouldn't trade it for the world I've been to archery since October the 9th did not officially start till October the 10th okay I ordered cuz a budget actually I right before the budget line ….they are lucky II didn't mail them pennies but I got the half dozen 1699 youth wood arrows step outside now give them a shot but every now and then you'll find a no name half dozen or a dozen between 30 to 60 that turn out to be better than the arrows you've shot previously and then somebody do a rating on and tell everybody about how good they are for the price…. the manufacturer catches on they Jack the price up but thanks for the video

  7. The only difference i had, was that the spines had up to 150 tolerance difference from one arrow to the other. Beside that, i think the cheap ones are for the begining ok.

  8. What’s the best arrow for recurve #45 pounds

  9. Archery noob here…bought my used Martin Jaguar on eBay with a couple ravaged carbon express arrows in the package. Of course, I’m new and can’t hit a 24 inch target at 10 meters…went to local archery shop and had the bow set up (limited by what you can do with this bow) and bought 3 entry level Gold Points which were the correct spine and were suggested by the shop owner.
    Wow! Big difference!
    Then I thought, “must have more arrows!”
    Bought a 12-pack for $36 on Amazon.
    These arrows were all right, but after spending a few weeks shooting 18-20 meters I’m getting form together and getting much better but…
    I know I’m new but when I go back to the Gold Tips and there is NO QUESTION…the Amazon arrows are okay up to a point but if you are serious about TARGET accuracy, there is a big difference.
    Now, about the bow….THAT is another story I’ll be telling somewhere else…😎

  10. R cheap worth it

    Yes for beginners on a budget which r the people that would b watching this anyways

  11. That brightened my day that last part "Enjoy God's beautiful creation", i often forget we glorify God because he's so good. Thank you sharing this video.

  12. Easton power flight- cheap as they come but they always kill .

  13. Does it seem that archery is a little more complicated than its needs to be? Considering that our ancestors used a freaking stick pretty much.

  14. Bull shit

  15. I got tiger predator arrows 500 spine on amazon there not the best arrow but since got them after not shooting for two years and as a trend on mine said there servable for my needs till i can afford the nice arrows
    my best game with those arrows using NFAA 5 spot 300 rounds was 296/300 with 36 X's

  16. 20 meters or under I notice no difference. But 70 or 80 yards a big difference. Victory arrows , even cheap ones shoot better than other more expensive arrows. Results may vary.

  17. I've recently bought 5 mossy oak 29 inch carbon arrows 0.003 straightness 350 spine blazer vains . They seem to fly super straight and fast deadly accurate. Do you know anything about this arrow. Like who makes it?

  18. i came to learn came out more confused

  19. What are your qualifications to judge any companys arrows

  20. I prefer my practice arrows to be exactley 30.47264" Not a 100thousandth more or less.
    And i use 136 grain broadhead while i practice. I shoot 2 inch stones in the hillside from 100yards away. I do go through quite a few arrows but thats okay they only cost me $250 each. Thats nothing for a profesional like me.

  21. I've grown up shooting and huntin with a compound but I just sold my compound and bought a trad bow so I'm trying to learn how to set everything up

  22. It depends on what you do with the arrows. If you shoot at a target at 70 m with an Olympic bow and you want to hit the bull’s eye, then yeah you better use an expensive one. I use a 45 pounds Turkish bow ( thumb draw) to shoot human size target at about 60 meters and I use the cheapest arrows on Ebay and I hit the target most of the time. So it depends what you shooting at.

  23. Cheap arrows expensive arrows all are made in China

  24. Not quite. There are a lot of independent tests on a bunch of forums that clearly show that cheaper arrows are not worse than more expensive ones.

    If they hit the intended target – stick with the cheapest reliable option.
    Competition level international – might think of most expensive arrows.

  25. Are cheap arrows worth the money? Yes….. Are you going to win tournaments with them? No… Because if you buy cheap arrows, it's just for fun, and archery should be fun. Cheap arrows are consistent enough for 99% of archers, because they most people don't have perfect form.

    It's all relative 😉

  26. Do you really believe the BS about what these companies are clamming about their products. (LOL) its gullible people like you that keeps them in business. If the arrow shoots straight and can put meat on the table who really cares. This is nothing more than about Vanity Vanity Vanity!!!

  27. I'm not exactly wealthy so i use allen kryptos they run about $4 a piece and are deadly Accurate out of my pse stinger.

  28. Quick question what you u consider the best cheep arrows

  29. I thought it might be +- 2 grains per inch

  30. I shoot Walmart broad heads and sportmens brand arrows maybe 40 bucks for 6 arrows with broad heads and they kill rabbits and deer elk squirrels lol I dont see any difference in arrows I shot max reds 90 for 6 and I shot sportmens brand 27 for 6 and cant say i see a difference nore do the animals ha ha :):)

  31. Good info

  32. 1 grain and 1/1000th of an inch,isn't worth $150-$200 a dozen to me.

  33. this guy is full of shit. buy cheap arrows if you don't hunt.

  34. Just go and shoot some instead of talking about them, good grief !!!

  35. You should watch Samuel white new video

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