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Can a $40 Meat Grinder Handle the Job? ~ KitchenAid Food Grinder

Does the KitchenAid Food Grinder actually work? Does it do as good of a job as the more expensive meat grinders? Watch to find out!

Kevin has been out in the woods hunting for deer and got a nice doe! His stand alone meat grinder broke, but he had this back up grinder in storage. Kevin shows whether the grinder works well enough to grind the venison, and gives an overall demonstration and review.

Here is the grinder that is being reviewed:

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  1. spindle is an auger 🙂

  2. If you still have your stand alone grinder you might want to take the parts to a machine shop and have them draw up replacement parts and fabricate new parts for you. It might be wise to have extra parts made since they have to set up for one anyway. Places that ever haul alternators and motors can help with motor issues and electrical issues sometimes too or they sometime can suggest who can do the work for you.

  3. Thumbs down for safety sake! Unplug before changing attachments.

  4. Great video with great comments.keep the great videos up! ☺️

  5. The D-N-L's kitchen aide grinder attachment works tougher & faster than my stand alone!
    My stand alone gets hot, has to take breaks, while the kitchen aide kept on trucking! 🙂

  6. Is this grinder still working for you..

  7. 8:40 People at home, do NOT do this. Always unplug your machine before switching the dies or removing the blade. This machine chops meat; it doesn’t care what kind you put in or if it’s attached to you.

  8. Than you!!!! I’ve watched so many videos wondering which size holes to use. This makes sense. 👍🏻

  9. Be careful how hard you push the meat down mine cracked after 3 years, they do sell a all metal product now,its only 99.95

  10. Thank you for sharing in person with your voice!

  11. We've been wanting to get one of these attachments. So glad my favorite couple did a video on it !!! Very well-explained. Thank you!

  12. What size is your freezer? PS.. I've just noticed the original date of 2017. Hopefully you'll see this.

  13. thx for the vid. Can i used 1x frozen thawed steak and then refreeze the ground meat?

  14. Hey, I have a quick question: I have a K45SS KitchenAid from the Hobart era (made in the 1970s). There is very — and I do mean, very — little difference in speed that exists between "Stir" (setting 1) and "2" (well, you know…..that's setting 2). Is this normal?? If it is not, how do I figure out how to fix it? Any idea what it needs? Someone said something on another video of yours about a "spring" and that they lost their lower gears (was it the….re-greasing video? Unsure)……and they repaired it. Does that ring a bell?

    I've also looked everywhere for a K45SS Hobart-era "maintenance" or "repair guide"…..I see lots of Post-1986 (which is when Whirlpool took over)….guides, but those models they developed have less-powerful motors and different speed adjustments.

    What do you think?

  15. I love my kitchenAid grinder! I used it to grind my own ground meat. I could get roasts cheaper than ground meat .

  16. Broke the teeth off the gears in mine .

  17. Can you tell me the watts/power of you KA mixer?

  18. Can you grind cheese in it for pizza?

  19. It's an auger, so you know

  20. Sorry to disagree, but I used that exact grinder attachment on my KA Mixer a few times. It was a long & tedious workout and I was exhausted after a few pounds of meat. In a pinch it's, at best, "just ok" for a pound or so, but I tend to grind 10-20 pounds of pork sausage at a time. So I upgraded to an inexpensive stand alone ($90) and it was a vast improvement. THAT SAID, cheapie grinders have plastic gears. After a couple of years it broke down, like yours did. So, now I'm going to bite the bullet and (probably) get the least pricey LEM "Big Bite."

    With only doing 150lbs of grinding a year I don't need a beast, nor could I lift one. Check out LEM vids on YT. Impressive, especially if you're processing 2-3 deer a season. Parts & some great attachments are readily available too. LEM has a huge line of processing equipment for hunters. I'm only a housewife (widowed) so have no use for all that….. but sure looks like fun. Btw, I'm just a gal but even I know that thing you called a "spindle" is an auger. ;-D Enjoy your venison burgers, my friend.

  21. Always slightly freeze your meat because grinder gets hot- just an FYI. Great Video none the less!

  22. Game changing 🦌

  23. The part you called a spindle is actually called an auger . Like the big ones they use to auger grain into silos.

  24. Have you tried this with apples? Wondering if it would work as first step in making apple cider. Thanks for your helpful videos!
    Blessings from Ohio 🍎

  25. There is a company out of Texas that makes an all metal version that fits Kitchen Aid. Found it on Ebay.Worth the investment.

  26. Did I hear you say invitation to deer hunt in Missouri,. Looking for an attachment to

  27. Glad to find this older video of yours. I inherited my mom's grinder attachment but there were no instructions inside and I didn't know if it needed to assemble any differently than my electric grinder. Am making relish and the electric grinder only has the fine plate so I'm going to try the Kitchenaid. I didn't realize you could get the manual online for free. In past when I've looked up missing manuals they were always found at a per-pay site. Thanks, Kevin.

  28. anyone else cringe when he turned the kitchenaid on with his hand right next to the exposed grinder?

  29. After grinding, put two slices of bread through it with a little mustard and you will have yourself a nice Sandwich.

  30. We just made homemade ham salad! So easy & good on your home made bread recipe!

  31. Thank you for this… really informative, not a review from a professional butcher who's gonna be a snob about their pro tools.. just a review for a normal person doing smaller amounts, you sold me, thanks much!

  32. I have a LEM 32 BigBite grinder. I used to use a KitchenAide attachment, but it just takes too much time and is too much work. The small amount of meat you double ground in the video I could do in less than 5 minutes without using the plunger. Don't get me wrong, if you only grind small amounts at a time — the KitchenAide attachment is just fine. Other companies make metal versions of the same thing — which have an advantage, because you can freeze the metal unit before using it so your meat stays COLD while your grind. When your meat heats up during grinding, the fats break down and you end up with a mealy texture to your sausages.

    For stuffing sausage in a casing, I highly recommend buying a dedicated sausage stuffer. They are available in several sizes — both manual and motorized, and it makes stuffing sausage much, much easier.

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