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Black Tactical Molle Sling Chest Bag Shoulder Backpack Review

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BeGrit Outdoor Tactical Shoulder Backpack Sling Chest Bag Sport Pack Daypack for Camping Hiking Trekking

Handy, versatile 3 ways carrying style (Shoulder Bag, Chest Sling – Back Sling, Hand Carry) ,small MOLLE pouch
Small, compact, goes anywhere design is perfect where large packs are too big, too bulky, too heavy
Rugged premium construction from 600D polyester fabric – Lightweight, durable material with adjustable, detachable strap. Perfectly suits your body shape
Multiple Zippered Pockets to Keep All Your Stuff Organized
Great for indoor and outdoor uses including camping, hiking, hunting, sports events, school supplies, tools, Etc

BeGrit Tactical Sling Pack is the Perfect Compact Solution for Organizing and Carrying your gear for Hiking, Camping, Hunting, attending Sports Events, School, or working Outdoors.
The Small, Versatile Military Style Tactical Backpack Design is Perfect when Full Sized Packs are Too Large. Heavy on Utility, it allows you to configure your pack to carry it as a Shoulder Bag, Chest Pouch, Back Pouch or simply Hand Carry it by the Hand Strap.
A generous number of dividers, straps, clips, loops, pockets, and snaps give this Compatible Pack endless configurations for whatever your specific needs are.
Size: 11″ x 7.8″ x 3.8″ (L x H x Thickness)
Weight: 0.84lb
Material: 600D polyester fabric
Color: Black
Package Includes:
1 x BeGrit Tactical Shoulder Backpack


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  1. The sell them on wish for like 5-10$ I used one for like 3 years and it held up fine my dads tore in a week

  2. How many L of capacity it has?

  3. It didn't come with the us flag patch

  4. Is it possible for it to be attached to a plate carrier?

  5. Looking for some similar bag, I'm wondering, does the big pocket fit A4 size paper? I would like a bag that is small and compact enough to be worn over shoulder while big enough to fit size A4 paper.

  6. 4 years old, how's it holding up? The bag that is

  7. It's a copy of the Maxpedition Remora btw

  8. Just ordered one, everyone wearing the “man purse” looks super feminine. I see the purpose in them but these ones are badass and fits my tactical style.

  9. HEY, I just got this bag. Love it… SoFar

  10. Where you got thatbshirt at my boy

  11. Wow, gr8 sling bag. Can convert 2 backpack w/ 2 D ring. Thx 4 sharing on Utube. Adding this bag 2 chest rig 4 airsoft game.

  12. Great video, thanks

  13. https://www.ebay.com/itm/133574589763 sri lankan bags

  14. Hi, how do you properly wear this? Back or front?

  15. Just got this for 10 bucks at Burlington got it to carry my glock 19.

  16. This guy said camcorder. Nope.

  17. This bag is garbage. Used it for a month, it's already full of holes..

  18. I've been using one if these for about three years. I use it for hiking, lunch bag for work, general bag. No complaints and holding up well to daily carry. The only wear is from a hole in the bottom made by a curious squirrel. Lol. And a bit of tearing on the liner at the top of the main pocket. Besides that no issues.

  19. Still using it?

  20. Friends, I like to share my tactical sling bag video, please comment and suggest, thank you.

    Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sXXxn-EcdXk

  21. The idea of these are to wear them on your chest. This is so they don't interfere with a Bergen or belt kit.

    You have it oriented so your shooting hand can go in an draw your short (or, as you would say, your sidearm)

  22. Great review! Thank you!

  23. That interior pocket is for a gun. That's why it's called a tactical sling bag.

  24. I have multicam one.

  25. Does that molle webbing have bar stitching

  26. just found one at the thrift store for a dollar

  27. Greeting sir/mam, I would like to share my tactical sling/shoulder bag video in my channel, I hope you like my video…

    Suggest, comment, and please subscribe to my channel for more videos, thank you and happy new year… 🙂

    Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sXXxn-EcdXk

  28. This is a Chinese rip off of the Procase pistol slingbag. It's 800 times better then this cheap crap btw.

  29. Wow thats a great review i gonne order one 👍😎 thanks

  30. https://www.alibaba.com/product-detail/Best-Seller-Customize-Military-Tactical-Sling_60808784655.html?spm=a2700.icbuShop.41413.33.1ea73a17mckyXF

  31. Wish i could post pics, got one of these and the zipper sliders are made of plastic and broke (both of them) on the main compartment on the first opening. Bag is good enough but replace the zipper sliders. Made in China.

  32. You should have went with the Barbarian bug out bag

  33. U could fit a gun in there

  34. What do you think I prefer medium or small cause I have small and want to return it and buy medium or have both🤔

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