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Best feeder for winter honey bees

We have these for sale at barnyard bees it’s a very easy way to feed your honey bees through late fall, winter, into early spring without introducing any moisture into the hives. each feeder holds a 4 pound bag of dry granulated sugar.

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  1. PET THE CAT. Nice video btw.

  2. I have a doubt that am not able to figure it out. In the winter there should be an moisture escape and normally is a rim in the inner cover. But if we have this sugar on top should we only have one escape or can we have two: the rim and the granulated sugar in the top feeder?

  3. Hi, I understand what you mean with the dry sugar slowly absorbing and becoming liquid however I also understand such dry sugar (at least when they try to feed in the beginning) can give the bees digestion problems. But then you also don't appear to answer the many inquiries post here. Thank anyway.

  4. Is there any problem with using dry sugar in spring?

    I had wondered if there was a reason why most dry sugar methods talk about winter feeding but not spring?

  5. Hey David, I plan on catching a swarm this April here in NYC. But I love how gentle your bees are. If I re-queened my swarm with one of your queens, would they always end up like yours? Do you sell your queens and ship them? Thank you.

  6. How do you keep the ants away?

  7. Will these rapid feeders fit in a shallow super?

  8. I have heard that the bee cluster can have sugar available but will not take it and will starve if the food is more than 3/16th if an inch above the cluster. Maybe this is so just in extreme New England cold. Would this method work here (Massachusetts)? Thx!

  9. I have just ordered a langstroth 3 brood box I will convert 1 brood box to a flow frame I never kept bees I have watched a few videos on YouTube but you talk a lot of sense I was worried about them swarming but your video on nucleus boxes and how easy to split them I can't thank you enough I am 62 years old still learning lol
    Have a great weekend looking forward your next video

  10. Are these all nucs? Or why are the hives so small? Sorry I’m very new to bee keeping, writing from Sweden.

  11. I'm in Northern California oakland bay area . would you recommend me doing the dry sugar over winter? Thank you for everything!!!

  12. this very bad method bee should be fed from their own honey diluted with water NOT from sugar. this why wild raw honey is very good for health avoid this kind of honey

  13. A little preoccupied with the new phone…hope this goes away ..in and out, back and fourth..left and right..up down.. another words…all over the place.. i was getting sea sick

  14. just got myself a couple of these vs. the other things i've been researching…i like the dual purpose that i can use it in spring and winter in my climate with syrup and dry sugar…first year beek trying to learn all i can…thank you so much for sharing your experiences…your free sharing is why i chose to buy from you rather than amazon…and you don't ask for donations like so many other videos i watch…you just share…thank you <3

  15. I’m getting sea sick! Lol

  16. I am a first year beekeeper. Bought some beetle trap entrances from you a few months back. You have always provided good advice on your channel. This one answers my question about winter feeding. Having dry sugar on top, it is there if they need it. But they still have to have a water source, no? And what about pollen during the winter?

  17. Is hobby bee keeping "A way of life! "

  18. Your awesome I have learned a bunch from you! The bees I got from you really are doing great

  19. Great video going to try this sugar method in NewZealand today.
    Thanks buddy

  20. I did this and yet one hive ate all their honey, the combs were empty and the sugar was hardly touched and they were all dead. I heard the hive end of Feb. but by end of March the hive was dead. Bees in the hive. the one beside it was okay. Any suggestions why they did not eat the sugar?

  21. They don't need any shade? You said winter feeding but i guess it has to be much warmer than by me.. How cold does it need to be to be trouble?

  22. Would you have dimensions?

  23. How wide is the wood portion to accommodate the plastic sugar feeder?

  24. in winter do you find using rapid feeders are close enough to the cluster that the bees will still leave cluster to climb up to sugar?? thanks

  25. do you ever loose hives because the bees "dont find" the sugar in the rapid feeder?

  26. wonder if this would work in texas…never hear of anyone using sugar bricks or plain sugar

  27. I don't use plywood instead of the flake board because of all the toxic glue in flake board, and I just pour the sugar directly onto the plywood and it holds a lot more sugar that way. NICE bee yard! 🙂

  28. Btw crystal sugar is worst than dust one i dont know how you say it

  29. What can i do about lizards and wasp? Plz a simple solution

  30. I agree..ur bees are really tolerant of a new beekeeper messing around in their hives. Ive had one sting and it was my fault. I only wear a veil .sometimes..have yet to light my smoker. I might return it to ya..lol!

  31. Love You video, I'm a new beekeeper I started January with a swarm of bees that I caught but I am wondering how long it would take them to cap honey, I have nectar but is not capped yet, they look like they're strong and doing good the queen laying a good pattern I have Queen in a10 frame deep and I'm using a queen excluder the top honey box is it 10 frame deep also. Any advice it's been 4 months now am I being impatient or is something wrong? By the way I live in Florida if that help.

  32. David – we have a feeder like yours in this video and have found on more than one occasion the bees are getting down to feed but end up drowning. Do you know why and how to prevent that with this type of feeder?

  33. Great Video, Ive never tried dry sugar like that. In the past I've always been too worried about putting any sirop in the hives after October. Only Candy. I've seen sugar boards but this looks even easier! we have lots of those rapid feeders here too, will definitely give it a go this coming winter! thank for sharing that.

  34. Enjoyed your video. Just out of curiosity, could one simply pour dry sugar into a hive top feeder and get the same result?

  35. Hey David – do you think a feeder like that would work in my situation where it's super cold? I've been told I need to place the feed right above the cluster in order for them to be able to access it. Lats year I made sugar patties and laid them right above the cluster which seemed to work ok, but this looks way easier.

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