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The BEST Cyber Monday for 2016. Happy deal hunting! I’ll be shipping a random item from today’s episode to one of you. Just leave a comment on your fav one!

Sony XBR 55” 4K TV:
LG 55” 4K OLED:
HiSense 43” TV:
LG 34” UltraWide:
Blue Yeti USB Mic:
Sony A6000:
Anker PowerCore:
Anker Astro:
Fitbit Alta:
UE Boom 2:
Cambridge BT Speaker:
Amazon Echo:

Email for business: [email protected]
Periscope: @karlconrad
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Snapchat: karl.conrad

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27 Bình luận

  1. Peace!

  2. Sony A6000

  3. T
    he a6000 camera

  4. I would like to win a Sony A6000 since I badly need a compact dslr like camera for my photography course….

  5. O boom! That's a great amount of awesome tech! A UE Boom would be best for taking it in the shower!

  6. i would like the lg 34''

  7. Sony TV is great

  8. Would love a TV or monitor 😛

  9. That 34" monitor is sick!

  10. The OLED TV is my favorite. 😉

  11. Amazon echo

  12. That Sony xbr is awsome

  13. It's great to have a Sony A6000 Camera… by the way your good tech reviews

  14. hey karl, im a brazillian fan
    i would love to get the power core or the amazon echo

  15. in my country there's no cyber monday lol 😀 but love this vid!

  16. I find the fit bit cool if i would get one i could see how many steps i do every day, maybe make a board and write down how many steps i've done and keep in shape. 🙂

  17. that lg tv though

  18. sony tv please 😛

  19. omg i want that Sony XBR lol

  20. i want the LG ultrawide Monitor Pls😆

  21. i really would like the A6000 getting in to photography keep up the great vids

  22. The Sony XBR TV is my favorite 😀

  23. Definitely the Sony XBR, you can never go wrong with 4K HD.

  24. I would want to win a Sony A600 because I need a good quality camera

  25. My favorite is the Sony A6000 camera.

  26. the 21k mah powerbank is best if I get it. 🙂 cause in philippines we are struck by lots of typhoons every year so it would be a great help for me. 🙂

  27. I wish I could afford these😁

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