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Arteza Colored Pencil Review & Demo: Coloring on Toned vs. White Paper

Arteza Colored Pencil Review & Demo: Coloring on Toned vs. White Paper
Today I am reviewing the new Arteza colored pencils set of 72. These are inexpensive, vibrant and well performing pencils that also claim to be lightfast. The set of 72 pencils have been for sale on Amazon for under $30 ($25.52 at publication time) with a retail value of $85.21

Arteza set of 72 colored pencils:
Lovely Garden Jumbo Clear stamp set:
*Dies also available:
Toned Tan mixed media paper
Arteza watercolor paper
Canson XL mixed media sketchbook
Strathmore toned tan sketchbook:
Gamsol (blending solution)
Blending tools:

I contacted Arteza about the lightfastness ratings on their products and got good news:
+++ = at least 100 years;
++= at least 25-100 years;
+= at least 10-25 years

Most of the pencils were +++ and up so it seems like we have a lightfast product, I think colors with white added are less lightfast because the pigments get spread out more (as is the case with watercolor) so that might be why the white only had a 1 star rating.

Low price
Thick creamy lead
Layers well
Vibrant color
Leads did not bread when sharpening or when used with heavy pressure
Color index is pretty accurate on handle
Blends well
Works well with solvent

Only available in sets
Nont many pale opaque shades (this totally isa “me” thing because I almost always work on toned or dark paper.

Bottom line: I like these pencils a lot. the preform well, are bright and lightfast. I prefer some more opaque light shades but I can use these with other pencils I have so it’s not a big deal. Also the folks who work Arteza are really helpful and responsive if you ask them a question. Gotta love that! If you need some pencils give them a try!
Arteza Colored Pencil Review & Demo: Coloring on Toned vs. White Paper

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Music: Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
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  1. Came because I wasnt get good results, watching I realise I am 1) too impatient and 2) too heavy-handed so I am getting an opaque/shiny layer first pass but then struggle to blend. I need to layer it up a lot more slowly! Great video Lindsay, thank you

  2. I am so sorry I purchased the 120 set of ARTEZA. They are not lightfast and sealer lifts the pigment off the paper. I did the test with both a Q-tip ( wet) and paint brush and both smeared and lifted the pigment right off. Good points, the buttery lay down was good as well as initial pigment. No breakage and easy sharpening. I will be returning the set due to losing pigment.

  3. Funny story. I just got myself the 120 set. Your white had 1 star for lightfast, but mine is a 4. Seems like the formula may have changed pretty significantly between your set and mine. According to my tin, it says 1 is Extremely Lightfast and that 5 is Less Lightfast. In my tin of 120 there are only 16 pencils that are a 1, 14 (2), 59 (3), 15 (4) and respectively 16 (5). While maybe not truly "artist grade" with such low numbers of 2's and 1's I think it is an awesome set. I am a hobbyist and typically use colored pencils in coloring books and learning the art of drawing and using them I feel this is a great set for that group of people. If an artist and you sell your work, I think you should save your money up for Prismacolors or others.

  4. Will ox gall work to blend

  5. just ordered these pencils.. i love your idea od putting the gamsol in a tiny jar like that with cotton balls. i will def try that!

  6. 11:23 khe wea dice :v

  7. I find that pigment from most color pencils will disburse almost as though they were watercolor pencils, when I go over them with Qor watercolor rather than any other brand of watercolor paint that I've tried (D. Smith, Sennelier, Schmincke etc). I think this is due to Qor's distinct formula that has a proprietary agent whose name I don't recall at the moment.

  8. Can you do a review of the Blick Studio colored pencils?

  9. Do you think the solid color watercolor pencils by Arteza are the same compounds?

  10. The lightfast indicators are the opposite of what we would normally think. The lower the number, the better the lightfast quality. One equals very good, three equals limited lightfast quality.

  11. Love your reviews! You’ve helped me make so many good choices in paints and colored and watercolor pencils! Took your link to Amazon and these pencils are $18 today!!!!
    Thanks, Paula in Florida

  12. Hello thanks for this tutorial on the ARTEZA pencils I will buy some today
    Great Work:)
    Mary Lou

  13. Hey Lindsay, I finally have my lightfast results for these pencils, like we talked about. And so far it looks like we were correct in that the pencils are labeled oppositely than what they are supposed to be. I tested 3 pencils from each level in my window for about 3 months (I know quite scientific) lol and all the ones I tested that were labeled +++ faded out quite significantly where as the ones labeled + did not fade at all. If you would like to see my results let me know and we can figure out a way to private message each other! Thanks!

  14. I like the way you compare Artez pencils and Prismacolor, it really helps me making a choise between those two 🙂

  15. They normally are €136,- for that set, but it was 70% of

  16. Thanks so much for this review & sharing your time & talent with us!!!

  17. I also sent a mail to Arteza a few days ago to give me more detailed information about resistance to Light – for example, what type of classification they used; and they have not answered me It seems that customer service is poor. ; (

  18. Hey Lindsay! Can you use gamsol on toned paper? I use strathmore. Thanks!!

  19. Hi Lindsay..just got the penc ils and love them. Do you have a good suggestion for a sharpener for them that I can get..thx

  20. Thank you for another informative product review! I love the STUDIO 71 Markers! Great intro into alcohol markers without spending a fortune!

  21. TFS I am looking for some colored pencils. I just don't know if I should get this type or go with watercolor pencils. I have Inktense blocks that I love. What would you suggest? And what brand? I like a softer pencil.

  22. Nice job Lindsay………………………..pat

  23. Awesome review!!!💙💚😍❤️💜

  24. OMG! Lindsay thank you so much for the great Demo of these Arteza colored pencils, i wasen't shure if i wan't to payed the huge shipping for these but aftee i've seen your excellent tutorial i think they worthed, by the way i love the effect with Gamsol it's Gorgeous but everythings you've Draw or colored it's Fabulous, so anyway i will purchase these colored pencils!

  25. I love your video Lindsey, do you think you could do/try a watercolor painting with these new Arteza pencils? I ordered these pencils, thinking that they were watercolors because they look so beautiful blended the way you did it. Then I realize that they’re not want to color pencils and I was like oh no! LOL so I’m dying to know what you think after you tried doing it. I’m getting my pencils today I can’t wait! Thank you so much for everything you do, I think you’re wonderful! One of my dreams is to meet you someday and do something crafty LOL I live on Cape Cod so would be a good excuse to come for free vacation down here! Thanks so much again Liz

  26. How do you think these compare to Coloursoft pencils? I am looking for a pencil that is more like a Polychromo since I already have Coloursoft pencils and Prismacolor pencils. Are there any cheaper alternatives that are like the Polychromos? Thanks in advance.

  27. Love the sketch of the lady in your art journal!

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