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GUYS WE GOT TO JAPAN! follow our adventure these weeks as we travel around Japan with Steven, Brendan, Meagan and Sandy. This VLOG is our first day in Japan doing some shopping, eating, and OF COURSE BEY HUNTING! We went to BIC CAMERA, picked up a few things and ate like crazy!

Japan is super overwhelming and filled with excitement. Really glad that we were able to visit, but we definitely wouldn’t have made it here without you awesome BBGs! Thanks for all the support and there’s a lot more vlogs coming your way!

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  1. Why don't they use this controllable beyblades in turneys ??! It's more fun to controll the beyblade than just normall !? The ones that you can controll remote like

  2. eteyee

  3. Hey bro im an Indian and here we did not get original beys can u send me I pay it 😭

  4. Japan

  5. Noobunoob unoob unoob

  6. Cool

  7. Yeah

  8. It will be so good if that store will be here in India

  9. i wana go to japan
    to get beyblade and anime

  10. Hi my friends

  11. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😅😅😅😅😳😳😳😳😳😳😫😫😫😫😫😫 I wish I was there

  12. I'm stick speak tagalog ayaw mo mag tagalog na kayo bukas video kayo blade blade burst

  13. Is it Japan or it’s tokyo

  14. *from india

  15. Eu sou do brazil

  16. Youtubers lamy Z gaming

  17. It is your girlfriend or not your till then comment

  18. This is your girlfriend

  19. Sus crispy chese

  20. this is so poggers

  21. I don’t think ichiraku is real

  22. I’m Japanese btw🇯🇵🙂

  23. i would love to be there damn i would have buy a thousand of beyblades

  24. Where is that bey blaydlade store

  25. I wish they will make a blog channel

  26. Wath happened to the William ??? But R.I.P

  27. Plÿvÿt

  28. I got Korean BEYBLADEs in the mail for Christmas

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