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Are Ebay Coilovers Worth It?

Pickup suspension for your ride here!

Quality is a key essential when buying car parts, especially when it comes to suspension. There are many different coilover brands that you can choose from but there is one that we usually tend to skip over… and that is the “ebay coilover”. Today we break down what ebay coilovers are and find out if they are worth it. Let us know your thoughts down in the comments below!

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  1. What kind of suspension are you running? Let us know! Don’t forget to check out wheels, tires, and suspension over at www.fitmentindustries.com!

  2. Maxspeedingrods is a name brand.

  3. I bought a used G35 that had 'maxspeedingrods' coilovers on it. Let me tell you, please, DO NOT GET THESE. The rear right wheel is straight broken and bouncing all over the place. I'm not sure how long ago they were installed since I bought the car recently. I've driven on them for a year and a half before the rear coilovers just started making so much noise as if something is loose and rattling or something.

    That being said I just recently put in an order from Fitment Industries for the (like everyone else) BC Racing BR coilovers. I am excited

  4. Bought eBay coil overs from my other car just bought another pair now I watch your video

  5. I have a question about rev9 coilover clunking. When I turn left stop fast or take off fast my front passenger side clunks preload is set

  6. I recently bought Mostplus coilovers from Amazon for my '96 corolla & had them installed yesterday
    rides perfectly fine but damn, the height is different lol

  7. i have some junk2 coils on my honda and theyre supposed to be top of the line but they ride like ass. but plenty ppl replace those with maxspeeding rods and they say theyre way better so idk..

  8. I got a set a cheap ass coil over from the junkyard they were eBay specials and they work amazing

  9. 3:52 bro called me tf out🤣🤣

  10. Talk about wheel bearing brands

  11. Me buys eBay coilovers because they’re cheaper than the oem shocks

  12. Ebay is a selling platform.
    So "Ebay Coil overs" I understand to be cheap and lesser known brand names.
    As an example Max Speeding Rods, they in my opinion are not worth it.
    In general any new and unknown brands that are "Made in China" are risky and in my opinion not worth it.
    Even known brands that are "Made in China" can be sketchy. That is because the quality control takes on the persona of the people and management "In China" not the original management.
    Failure in 1 year or even 10 years should be an issue.
    As an example a 30 year old SHOWA "Made in Japan" can still function perfectly. Watch this objective testing of coil overs and OEM @
    Max Speeding Rods failure are a product of product obsolescence which is yet still being fine tuned.
    We as consumers should not accept short term (bad for our finances, bad for the environment and bad for our wasted time).
    A 30 year old "Made in Japan" is safer than Max Speeding rods and likely to give you a longer useful life than a brand new Max Speeding Rod.
    They want your honestly earned money with dishonest quality.
    In this day and age that really should not happen.

  13. I bought those MX coilovers from ebay. They're cheap but make you ride worse than ever. Like you're gonna feeel every single bump on the road.

  14. Fitment just trying to market their shit.

  15. i had a set of the blue ones like these for a 94 del sol & i actually loved them and only paid $250 for full front & rear set and i didnt really care to lower them but i loved the really tight springs these had @ least the set i had when going over a bump it felt like me & my car was sucked to the road i loved that feeling,, i felt glued to the road 2 high speeds i miss them, my delsol overheated an got rif it but wish i didnt now it had the B16a3 vtec engine with stage one cams…. and i had a full high compression piston set for it too but sh!t happens

  16. Nothing is worse than sr performance stay away from them I got 2 defective coil over sets from the I contacted them the 2nd time and got a refund got some Megan’s from you guys waiting for them to ship but I’m sure nothing can be worse than sr fuck them

  17. They’re worth it if you drive a Dodge Neon

  18. I have a set of "Eternal DX" Coilovers from eBay on my prelude, and tbh they ride better than my 2,000$ Coilovers on my mustang. Not sure how / why as I just drive the cars I don't engineer them. But lmfao it is a gamble and most of the time you do get what you pay for

  19. lol he said exactly what i typed on google

  20. These are my coilovers specs. I know nothing. Is this any good?
    Front and rear rubber upper mounts
    Spring rate: F 6kg – 180mm/ R 4kg – 180mm (average : rates vary )
    32 Level adjustable Damping
    Full Height adjustable
    Preload adjustable
    Monotube shock
    Japanese SAE9254 coil springs
    Japanese NOK damper oil seals
    Anodized T6-6061 aluminum lower mounts
    High viscosity Italy IP F.A. damper oil
    High strength JIS G3445-STKM13C carbon steel seamless shock tube
    Aluminum anodized Locking collars
    Bolt on OEM lower mount brackets

  21. It honestly doesn’t even matter what Brand of Coil overs I have I’ll rather save up 500 dollars instead of buying d2 racing coil over, just for me to say “ yeah I got d2 racing coil overs”

  22. 10 yr and still on $255 coilovers with no problemo

  23. I can buy 10 sets of cheap coilovers with 2years warranty each for the same price as one expensive set. Of course, the expensive ones are better, but id say ebay coils are definitely worth their price. I had cheap coils on my first car (mk5 gti) and never ran into any issues with it. Adjustability was great, and they even installed them for me for only 40 euros extra (they weren't technically ebay coilovers since I didnt get them on ebay, but they are the same price and quality as ebay ones). If you're on a tight budget, or your car just isn't worth expensive coilovers I dont see how you could go wrong, especially if they offer two year warranty. 200 bucks for 2 years guaranteed seems like an absolute steal to me.

  24. Had an "ebayish" setup on my DB8 (1999 Integra GSR Sedan… man I miss that car). Truhart shocks with no name springs, it lowered it about an inch all around. The car rode a bit stiffer than stock and had no issues at all. I loved the feels (esp with the thicker rear sway bar I installed a year after). I had the car for 4 years and sold it (regrets…)

  25. Helping a buddy install some and the the sleeve or collar that came with it to make it thicker for the front is too narrow and despite being completely fastened down the whole thing still slides out once we release the jack. Hopefully I find a better sleeve/collar tomorrow. 🤞🏾🤞🏾🤞🏾🤞🏾🤞🏾🤞🏾🤞🏾🤞🏾

  26. Good springs (eibach etc) VS cheap eBay coil overs (Rev9 Hyper street 2 etc??)

  27. I've spent way more money throughout the years cheaping out on parts, than on name brand parts that did exactly what I wanted the first time. Its a lesson everybody's heard, and nobody follows. I've heard it my entire life but I still spent close to 3k on cheap coilovers/springs/camber arm/control arm/springs/ and strut combos for an ek civic only to never be happy until I finally bought function forms, moog arms, etc. Now (10 years later) I drive a b8.5 s5, EVERYTHING I buy now is name brand, and eventhough the aftermarket is way more expensive for this platform, I've somehow spent less to do wheels/tires/and coilovers on the s5, than I did on ebay suspension components for the civic. Learnt allot workin on the civic though.

  28. eBay built with harbor freight tools poor boys gotta have fun to and Honda let’s us pick on the rich boys with them big v8s.. good video bro I’m proof fake stuff works well..

  29. Ok its like when you want learn how to ride a sports bike so are you going to spend a lot of money on a BUSA!!LOL

  30. I’m just looking to lift not lower 😆

  31. I mean I had maxspeedingrods in my forester and was taking pretty tight corners at 150-170 km/h

  32. ive used ebay coilovers on multiple vehicles, theyre ight… you get what you pay for. never buy the sleeve overs, just dont.

  33. I just bought some max speed racing coilovers for my 2g dsm and honestly.. fuck it haha im broke

  34. They are absolutely worth it in the right circumstances, if you paid less than 1000$ for your car (or even got it for free) then you are never going to spend 1000+ on some good coilovers, but some cheap ones get the job done(specially when compared to the 20-30 year old stock suspension) and are a good learning experience so if you fuck up something it's not a big deal. Then when you buy an actual project car that you really like then sure, give it some good ones

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