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Answering Behavioral Interview Questions Using the STAR Method

Ace your next interview! Here are the Top 10 most asked job interview questions with the best answers. It’s the “Job Interview Secrets” Ebook:

Answering Behavioral Interview Questions Using the STAR Method// Worried about answering the dreaded question, “tell me about a time when..” during your job interview? Answering behavioral interview questions might be your worst nightmare, but worry no more because in this video, we’ll be talking about behavioral based interviews using the STAR Method and why it’s the secret to interview success.

I’ll dive into the common types of behavioral interview questions and how you can use the STAR method to answer them in a clear, concise, and focused manner.

And make sure you stay to the end because I am going to tell you the 3 core types of behavioral interview questions.

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  1. Thank you for the wifi high fives! This video helps calm my anxiety with interviews

  2. I was in the process of trying to get hired to the federal government sector. To date, I hadn’t had an interview as serious as this one. I was nervous but I watched many of your videos, like this one. During my virtual interview, they asked all performance base questions. By making the story toolbox, I was more than prepared & very confident. Thank you for your advice! I interviewed 01/14 & as of yesterday I received my firm offer for the position I wanted.

  3. 32 mins into this 8 min video, she finally got to the point…

  4. so dissaster

  5. I’m headed into an interview with Amazon next week and this video gave me more structure and confidence heading into it. Thank you!

  6. I got the job! Thank you so much

  7. This is SO helpful!! Thanks for taking the time to create this kind of content and provide it for free. I will be sharing with my community!

  8. Get to the point. Jeez

  9. Madeline thank you so much for your videos. I love them and I'm extremely excited to say I was able to ace the interview and got my dream job! Your video was extremely helpful as u can't imagine! Thanks for doing what u are actually doing, you are the best!

  10. STAR method interviews are so annoying! Omg 😱

  11. Don’t watch this video! It confuses more than helps.

  12. Wheres the link for your print outs ?

  13. I just wanted to inform anybody that’s watching this video THIS WORKED SO WELL I got the job I wanted!!!!

  14. After numerous failed interviews, I started binge-watching your videos and really tried to practice it on the actual interview.

    STAR method has always been my weakness.

    I much preferred your PAR method and now I got the promotion! This and the story toolbox greatly helped me express my answers eloquently, clearly and intentional. Thanks a lot! 🥺😍

  15. I just left a star method video cause i was like this is tooo muchhhh Hahahaa thank you, my interviews are over zoom now I need to wow them

  16. Madeline you are the best!!!! keep winning and keep doing what you do! The S.T.A.R got me a job after a three years dry spell. I followed your advice to the letter. Thank you so much, I will be relocating this month!

  17. Thank you so much for your advice Madeline, I was able to land my dream job right out of college. I went from intern to Senior HR Consultant with no HR experience. Keep sharing your tips, they really do help 😀

  18. Good tips.

  19. I’m not a millennial but love your videos. You need a 2nd interview video though.

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