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Announcing The New Merch by Amazon Trend Hunter – Movers And Shakers Module

Merch Informer has just released a brand new module that focuses on finding movers and shakers. These are a list of products that have shown the greatest swing change in Best Sellers Rank (BSR) out of the entire Merch by Amazon catalog.

Identify trends before ANYONE ELSE jumps on them. Give yourself the competitive advantage by uploading in niches that people have not even thought of yet!

We go over exactly how this module works and how you should be using it here:

If you are interested in giving it a try, Merch Informer has a 3 day FREE trial that you can try out by clicking the button on our homepage at merchinformer.com.

Happy Trend Hunting!


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  1. Just joined the "Merch Informer Club" just TODAY…. I'm super excited…the information is LITERALLY PRICELESSSSSS…..thank you for such a great product. 🙂

  2. What are the $ values down the righthand side? Ta

  3. Hey Neil, do you think that the most shirts in this section are because of ads? would make sense or not?

  4. Greetings, my question is that if the hunter actually reveals trends. I think the daily and weekly hard swings may mostly be due to non organic strategies implemented by the seller. Some results, like the example soccer cup, may be true organic search and sales that are taking off, but on average results appear to be short term spikes due to driven traffic. Would like to know your thoughts.

  5. Neal,
    There's a hot new scouting app for book sellers, called ScoutIQ, that, instead of showing "Average BSR". it has what the developers call "eScore". eScore shows the actual number of sales over a six month period. An eScore of 36 means that 36 sold over a six month period — 6/mo. An eScore of 180 means that 180 sold over the last six months — 30/mo. They use Keepa to scrape that data. Currently, they only show eScore for books, but they're working on getting it to show for Amazon's entire catalog (great for RA). The app also downloads the book database to your phone, which makes for speedy scanning.

    Anyway, it would be awesome if MI were to have an "eScore" instead of the BSR graph. It's way more helpful, and requires basically no interpretation. 👍 👍

  6. At first, the charts can be a bit confusing since they're basically upside down compared to most charts. Usually, on charts, when things go good, the spike goes upwards… whereas in Merch Informer, a good spike goes downwards.

  7. Excellent! Neil and Merch Informer are always ahead of the curve. Thanks!

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