frequently asked questions
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    Is it expensive to develop a business plan by using services of Plan & Grow?

    Our company does not have the set prices. Every business plan is priced according to the needs and type of the business to star. Open the "Contact Us" category to fill out the relevant form, specify the type of business plan you need and we will discuss its cost.

  • 2
    How long does it take to create a business plan?

    It is natural that all projects differ and they require different time for development. In general, it takes us about two or three weeks to develop the project. However, we often complete the project even earlier if the customer requires a shorter deadline.

  • 3
    Does your company contribute to funding small businesses, too?

    Unfortunately, at the moment our company does not provide funds for any small businesses. However, we take all our efforts to create a high quality business plan that helps our customers to get financing from all kinds of investment firms, banks and other financial organizations. We have a lot of partner companies and investors specializing in funding various types of businesses.

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    What shall I do if I want to order a business plan but a live far from your company’s location

    In fact, it does not matter where you live. You can order a business plan living in France, Australia or Japan. We have an extended combination of means of communication (by phone, email, or online chats) and you can contact us by using the most convenient one for you. There is no need to appoint face-to-face meetings to develop a good business plan. Distant cooperation is quite usual for this industry.

  • 5
    I want to establish a small business. Is it true that I also need a business plan?

    Of course, it is! It does not matter whether your business is small or large, it requires an efficient business plan to define the steps leading to its success. Moreover, if you are going to get a loan from an investor or a bank, you must have a business plan to prove how efficiently you intend to use the obtained money.

  • 6
    How does a business plan look like? How extended is it?

    The length of your final business plan mainly depends on your business complexity and your own intentions. Sometimes this document is about 15 pages for small businesses, and it reaches 50 pages for larger types of business. Plan & Grow focuses on creating a high quality business plan that describes your business in details and what steps you are going to make for it to succeed. In general, a common business plan consists of 25-30 pages.

  • 7
    Is it necessary to put money down up?

    Yes, it is. No project can be started without a 50% pre-payment. It motivates our customers to cooperate with us in the process and constantly communicate with us when we need it. In this case we are also motivated to finish the plan as quickly as possible because of getting half of the fee.

  • 8
    Does your company direct customers to certain investors and banks?

    We can recommend you to contact certain financial organizations. In 99 cases of 100 it works and our customers obtain the required financing.