Business Plan Consulting

Read and honestly answer these questions in relation to your business
  • Is your current business the first in your life?
  • Have you already made a business plan for it?
  • Do you merely search for an objective external opinion?
  • Do you have experience of working with another consultant who failed to help you in creating an efficient business plan?
  • Do you have a certain budget for developing a business plan? Do you realize that creating a business plan is an important stage of starting a business?
  • What was the reaction of your potential investors of bankers when you showed your business plan for them?

If either of these situations can be applied to your certain case, consulting of Plan & Grow professionals is a right solution for you.

What is the difference between the review and development of business plan?

Our consulting services related to a business plan are a wonderful option for those owners of business who need to validate or tweak the existing plan rather than to develop a new one. We render this service on a one-time basis. The cost for this service is lower. As soon as we obtain your document, we start analyzing every aspect.

Every businessman has all chances to receive a startup or expansion funding. All you need is to show investors how well you can solve problems. We are ready to help you in improving your business plan to impress your investors and bankers. Moreover, we will check out other changes you may need or even important sections that have been missed.

We will make a formal analysis of your existing document, work out recommendations, edit and improve your business plan.

Do you not have a business plan and need to develop it?

We believe that your business plan is in a good condition but needs some small improvements. However, we always recommend our customers to develop a new one. As a rule, our customers and we have one and the same goal – to obtain funding from the customers’ potential investors or bankers. For many business beginners this is the only way to start their own business. It is proved that a professional business plan that displays the businessman’s value to the investor is the first step to achieve this goal. We know what kind of business plan to develop to help you to obtain funding.

Sometimes businessmen are not sure whether their business will lead them to success or not. We are ready to analyze your plan to comment on each point. This is a chance for you to see its advantages and disadvantages. We know how to improve your strengths and eliminate weaknesses.

However, the most important thing is that we have a network that will help you to make an appointment with the correct investor which will increase your chances for success.

We know how to help businesses in all industries

As soon as investors, bankers or even relatives or friends finish reading your business plan, they get a clear and true idea how your business will be positioned on the relevant market. We have got great experience of working with dozens of entrepreneurs who succeeded in various areas and have reached $500,000 of annual income. We know how to make your business as successful by mere development of a business plan. Use your chance now!


Whats our client says
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