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Plan & Grow is a famous company specializing in consulting and developing business plans. We follow the customized approach and consider every customer to be unique and special. Plan & Grow does not establish set prices. Moreover, we do not relate customer’s projects to any specific category. We realize that every business is special and differs from other, at first sight, analogues businesses. That is why when developing business plans, we try to emphasize this uniqueness and peculiarities. It is known that a business that has no unique characteristics is more likely to fail as a result. A business plan that has no unique aspects is likely to fail, too.

Our company is perfect at making business plans created by talented and experienced MBA professionals. Plan & Grow considers its mission in empowering its customers to do their best in taking business decisions and over-all managing their companies. We help our clients to achieve their funding success by creating serious grounds for business development, inspiration and retaining professional and exceptional employees.

What we do is to assist in creating a concise roadmap that is easy to understand and to follow. What is a roadmap? This is a distinct plan of actions specifying the time and plan of their performance. Our task is to motivate you to be organized and follow the set plan. We encourage you to make your own vision of the future, and work out the steps to achieve success. Jointly, we will work out such financial model that will make the ROI project with relevant figures and facts.


We offer strategic business planning and consulting services that helps meet business goals and objectives.

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Plan Development

Once we have been engaged, we conduct the first Strategic Planning session with you to go over your business model. We discuss your vision and your financing needs in coordination with your strategy and business goals.


Plan & Grow services are based on a partner relationship with our clients, combining your business vision and experience with our planning expertise to produce a truly outstanding and successful plan. However, you do none of the work; we do the research, competitive analysis, marketing strategy and financial projections. Then, we send you the draft for review and revisions before completion.

Revision Process

Once you have received the First Draft and had time to review it, we have a second meeting, either live or virtually, to go over the revisions. We work with the revisions for 1 to 2 weeks before delivering the final version. There may be one or two small changes after the final version and we ensure that you are satisfied before signing off.

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