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600 Feet of New Fence with Bekaert

Bekaert Fence is now on the ranch and we get a chance to rebuild 600 feet of fence with woven wire, barbed and take a look at some great new tools and fencing techniques.

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36 Bình luận

  1. Sure are some fancy clips, think I'll stick to twisting wire.

  2. how much a lunar foot for materials?

  3. Put a hot wire inside that fence to keep the bulls off of it. They love to scratch on it.

  4. Great video; thanks.

  5. Fascinating. A lot of crafttmanship into get tension right.

  6. Awesome materials and tools. Make building fence a lot easier !

  7. Great Post

  8. That Keith is a Hand, hope they pay him well.

  9. What music do you put in your videos?

  10. heck of a good fence !!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Oh man, you get the pro help! I need to get my own channel lol

  12. I think if anyone can afford to pay for gripples, a gripple tool, and two stretcher bars, they can afford to pay someone to put a fence up for them too. Great tools for a contractor who is charging by the length and not time.

  13. Awesome video, it would be awesome to have more videos like this where you bring partners specialized in certain areas of farming.

  14. What's the staple gun he is using?

  15. loved the show!!! looking forward to the follow up. God Bless you all

  16. I’m a mexican American who lives in the state of Zacatecas. People here fence with wooden posts. A friend of ours is a professional HES cut down something like 20 thousand fence posts installed and everything

  17. Thank-you everyone for the kind words! We are beyond excited to have found and have the opportunity to work with Mike and Erin of "Our Wyoming Life". We are happy to answer any questions on fencing, we'll leave the rest to the expert, Mike.

  18. Just a thought. Electric fence? One strand low and one around 4 feet. Solar powered?

  19. This is another part of the ranch life. Cool video

  20. Why not hi-tensile electric fence? That's all we use.

  21. Some people love the sound of their own voice.

  22. brilliant

  23. Wow thats slicker than snot on a doorknob 🤠

  24. I'm jealous. I did a major rebuild this spring. Our pasture fence was grown up in Hawthorns. Cool video

  25. Built many miles of fences on farm 50 years ago. My word what modern saving techniques have developed since then. Fascinating video today. Thanks

  26. Gotta say that staple gun looks pretty sweet too…🦄🤔🤔


  28. This was awesome especially coming from old school fencing

  29. Lots of land don’t fence me in

  30. Keith was awesome! Learned so much.

  31. Look at that…. You can teach an old dog new tricks

  32. great job Mike Here in south texas we did a fence just like that and found some cows pushed the bottom of the woven fence above the bottom barb wire.. I wound up fastening the bottom barb to the woven bottom strand and stopped that .. plenty of grass in the pasture but still the "greener " grass is ,,well you know let us know if someday they do the same thanks mike

  33. At first I thought he was sighing after every staple he did lol 14:25

  34. Love your channel.How about a video on the Bulls. What are they doing all day. Feeding checking on them etc. when there not with the cows. I’ll check your other videos incase i missed one

  35. Nice toys. I always did it the old fashioned way. lol Nice fence

  36. When your putting wire up you need to go top to bottom right? Or bottom to top

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