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#307 Stihl MS 880 MAGNUM! Absolute BEAST of a CHAINSAW!

Today we look at the most powerful, biggest, baddest Chainsaw in Stihls Line-up. The MS 880 Magnum Pro-Series Chainsaw. If you have Big Timber or just want a behemoth of a saw the 880 is the one.

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Our channel takes you through the day to day chores here on our rural property in Western Pennsylvania. We also work on new projects and maintain old ones. You will find both compact and subcompact tractors here. Lots of 3 point attachments like tillers, box blade, rear blade, cultipacker, disc, brush cutters, augers and post hole diggers and several more. We have backhoes and grapples as well.

Equipment List On Property;
RK 24 With Loader and Backhoe
RK 37 With Loader
RK 55 With Loader and Backhoe
RK by Top Dog Granite Grapple
Bad Boy Zero Turn Mower
Ford F-150
Lifted Jeep Wrangler
Subaru Crosstrek
Black Diamond Log Splitter
Polaris 900 Ranger Crew

Power Equipment
Stihl MS 362 Chainsaw
Stihl 036 Pro
Stihl BR 700 Backpack Blower
Stihl FS 91R String Trimmer
Stihl HTA 85 Pole Saw

We do product reviews, build stuff, break stuff, hunt deer, cut firewood and enjoy life with our family, Chickens, and Three Golden Retrievers. Oh and Jinx the Cat!


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  1. U still have it

  2. Oh, click bait! Expected to see that monster take a tree out. Nope.

  3. Gia voi siete del mio rango iou

  4. I just ran across this video today. The biggest saw I have ever ran across was in 1969 after Hurricane Camille. From one end to the bar handle was almost nine ft. It was used to cut up the huge live oaks in Hancock County in south Mississippi. It took to men to handle it and a three eighth file to sharpen it I ran it twice; my first and last time. Never saw one like it again

  5. when you upgrade your chainsaw in rickey rat

  6. The "Ole Painless" M 134A of chain saws. Jesse Ventura would be proud.

  7. That makes the ms 391 look tiny lol

  8. Would you send me your address please

  9. HI Melissa did you dance w the big MS 880 chainsaw you look good w that chainsaw you can't hug that big oak tree / peace 1 2 2022

  10. I put this video on thinking you were going to put this beast to work on some downed oak. But no…. you took out a tape measure, told your mrs what to do, spotted another oak, but no chainsaw action. Next time, just tell us you're not going to operating this thing, just give us a tour of your property, … just saying. Oh yeah…. next video we see this thing work.

  11. Why didn’t your Neighbor just call you instead of a Tree Service and save herself a lot of expense? Felling Trees and Harvesting Logs is your new full time business, right? I guess you are not advertising outside of YouTube? Maybe an idea for the future, Merry Christmas and.Have a Prosperous New Year!

  12. 27:01 keep up the good work

  13. Nice video

  14. When your saw is bigger then your women. That tells you two things you got yourself a good women and a good saw. Keep up the good works guys, I know it's an old video but I like your chainsaw videos.

  15. For the Imperium!

  16. When did you turn into Wranglerstar? Read in a high squeaky voice

  17. 880 with 36 to 48 on a sawmill jig and you cut all day long. It not made for many to Hall around all day. It's a mill machine. I have the Chinese knockoff version milling live edge up to 4 feet. The 880 has been on back order for 3 months.

  18. Useless

  19. Leatherface: *drooling & breathing heavily*

  20. Hi Mike : I live in RW, Minnasnowa and I have seen my Cat talk off up the hill into the woods behind my house that is state forest land a few days ago ! But after splitting firewood that I could get done by hand ( REALLY wish I had some of your equipment !!! ) My neighbors told me that they seen my cat smoking weed with the deer ! Before the hunters woke up !!! Does this happen out east on your land ? Let us know. I enjoy your videos a lot since having to retire after working 47 years !!! Keep up the good shows ! Thanks Petey G.

  21. Melissa you have a beautiful smile.

  22. Here in Oregon, you could definitely use a saw like that, as just an hour from my house is the largest fir tree in the world.

  23. Suddenly my MS171 with its 16" bar seems pretty lame

  24. if melissa isn't sitting on your face on a daily basis you are doing it wrong


  26. Warm it up the piston gets hot before the cylinder. The piston skirt can scuff the chromed cylinder if revved cold. It's called cold shock

  27. That chainsaw bar is longer than my height

  28. At a price of $2,249 is the lowest price I've seen on the saw yet

  29. I wanted to give you a heads up about a life style plan that you may want to consider. You have talked a lot about diet etc. But this is really good and I’m my second round. 67 YO and this is really easy to stick too. They are Facebook based and it’s called E2M which is short for eager to motivate. Check out Instagram for details as Facebook info is protected. By the way down 39 since March 15.

  30. I think the landscape looks very nice great job Mike.😊

  31. Im love mi old ms250 its small crap than work forever whit litle no service at all and if im leave it on the shelter for 4 months it will star rigth away

  32. Good move on becoming self sufficient. I did it 22 years ago . Kits been up and down, good and bad and I wouldn’t have it any other way. May God bless your journey. Rock on

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