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13,000 Lumens Super Bright LED Headlamp by MOSFiATA Review

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MOSFiATA Rechargeable Headlamp Flashlight, Xtreme Bright head lamp 13000 Lumen Headlights IPX4 Waterproof Headlamps for Adults Camping Fishing Hunting Running Jogging Hiking Cycling with Red Light
UlTRA BRIGHT AND LONG WORKING HOURS: The headlamp consists of 8 LED bulbs and a red safety taillight with a maximum brightness of 13,000 lumens and illumination range of 600 meters, which help you clearly see the surrounding and stay away from danger. It can work for 6 hours in once charging.
8 LIGHTING MODES: The LED headlamp has 2 mode buttons to control 8 modes for versatile use. ①Press the LED key mode button, you can control the modes of main beam, side beam, all beam, SOS strobe.②Press the COB auxiliary mode button, you can control the modes of strong beam, warm beam, red light, SOS red strobe.
HIGH QUALITY AND WATERPROOF: The headlight flashlight has IPX4 waterproof rating, high quality battery box is more sealed to prevent water leakage. It is normal to use even when it is raining and snowing. In addition, we offer a high quality storage box for storing and carrying headlights with accessories.
COMFORTABLE AND ADJUSTABLE: The hands free headlamp can be rotated 90 degrees that make it ideal for indoors and outdoors to use. It is equipped with high-quality elastic band and head sponge pad for easy adjustment and installation, not sliding, which makes it comfortable for both adults and children.

Are you looking for a brighter headlamp because the normal headlamp output performance cannot reach your expectations?

MOSFiATA headlamp will provide you a ultra high performance:

Providing a amazing 13000 lumens
Wide range focus function
500 meters on max
8 Working Modes
8 LED Blubs, 8 Working Modes
There are 2 mode buttons to control 8 modes separately, which can reduce the number of presses and extend the life of the buttons.

1. LED Key Mode

①First Press, turn on the main beam. ②Second Press, turn on the side beam.

③Third press, turn on the all bright. ④Fourth press, turn on the SOS strobe.

2. COB Auxiliary Mode

①First Press, turn on the strong beam. ②Second Press, turn on the warm beam.

③Third press, turn on the red beam. ④Fourth press, turn on the SOS red strobe.

USB Charge
Tail Light
Comfortable to Wear, Easy to adjust
This headlight is equipped with a high-quality elastic strap that is easy to wear and remove, not sliding, which make it fit both adults and kids.

The back of the battery box is equipped with a head sponge pad so that your head will not be squeezed, which make it more comfortable to wear.

Easy and Powerful
This headlight comes with 2*18650 rechargeable batteries and 1*USB cable. It offers a variety of charging options to choose, such as computer, power bank, power socket and so on.

You should put two batteries when using. (Single is available)

when it is charging, the light is red.

When it is fully charged, the light is green.

Red Safety Taillight
There is a red safety taillight on the back of the battery box. When using the headlamp at night, you can press the side switch to turn on the taillights to provide a safer environment.

Safety Taillight Mode

①First Press, turn on the taillight.

②Second Press, turn on the taillight strobe.

③Third press, turn off the power.


37 Bình luận

  1. 13000 Lumen. Fake. 😂🤣😂😋

  2. Crawl space and attics are bright too

  3. Not bad

  4. No way is this 13,000 lumens!! People really need to learn and do some basic research on LEDs, driver circuits and how much light each one can actually put out.

    Yes the LED technology has allowed flashlights and headlamps to reach levels that were only possible by hooking up a halogen lamp to a car battery in times past but these headlamps and bike lights and flashlights are still being ridiculously over stated sometimes by 40 to 50 times the light output.

    This headlamp only has about seven or eight actual LEDs, I didn't count exactly, and each of them is rather small to fit inside the small reflectors and openings which means they're probably either Q5 or R5 LEDs which generally put out no more than 350 lumens each maximum.

    When you have a light you also have to account for a certain percentage of loss for the reflector and the lens which often becomes between 16 to 20% so you're 350 lumens Max each gets knocked down by up to 1/5 of the lights which would make it about 300 lumens out the front each and that's assuming that each one is even putting out that much. So if all seven or eight of the years are putting out 300 out the front lumens that is a maximum of 2000 lumens but I doubt each one is even putting out that much probably close to 100 to 120 lumens each as I have two of these type of headlamps that have seven LEDs and the entire thing is not putting out more than 250 to 300 lumens as I have a 450 lumen headlamp from coast which does not exaggerate and is known for accurately measuring their LED output in a parabolic dome and the coast one is double the brightness or more of my seven LED headlamp of this style. Also you can easily talk from the video as most people don't have a clue how bright 13,000 lumens is. If you have a newer car with bright LED headlights you need about three of those cars to equal 13,000 lumens or possibly four of them and this headlamp is not even putting out as much light as one modern LED car headlamp.

    Even the newest brightest images which is the cree XML 2 only puts out a maximum theoretical brightness of 1200 lumens at 3 amps of power which is assuming a 3000 milliamp driver per light and again when you factor in the loss of light for the reflector and lens it probably puts out 1,050 out the front lumens. So even if this headlamp had seven XML twos you would get no more than 7000 lumens assuming it had a driver and a five or six battery pack to power such a unit.

    You can look up reviews such as the old light 3500 lumen bike light which 5 LED emitters with a four or five battery pack puts out an actual 3500 lumens because it has five high powered XML to LEDs but even with five of them they know that due to the loss from both the driver it reflector and the lens each LED is only putting out about 700 lumens which times five brings you to the 3500 rated lumens.

    So if this headlamp or 13,000 lumens the video would be so bright it would appear almost whitewashed and the trees that are only about 250 ft away would appear as bright as daylight and yet they appear no idea that bright in fact you can barely see the beam hitting the trees.

    I have a pocket AA flashlight that's probably putting out more light with it's 14500 battery than this headlamp is.

    If you want to really learn more about this subject then go to candlepowerforms.com as there are numerous threads there from very knowledgeable people to give you a real education so you're not deceived or taking advantage of by these lying sellers on eBay Amazon and other websites who greatly exaggerate the lumen output to absolutely levels that are criminal and these people should be booted off of these platforms for being such blatant and ridiculous liars.

  5. Love your shows brother

  6. 13000lm good joke 🤣. Maybe 1300lm.

  7. Mine stopped working it only comes no when it’s on the charger any one knows what’s wrong?

  8. Is it 10,000 or 13,000 Lumens?? Probably 500 Lumens tops

  9. Cuanto tiempo se carga?

  10. How long does the battery last? Before it need to recharge does anyone know?

  11. hi, do you know how long it takes to charge? Mine only lasted the first 2 days, i charged it for a full night and it wouldn't work afterwards

  12. Here's a list that helped me out.
    In the end, I went with #2.


  13. Maybe 400 lumens

  14. Junks made by mainland Chinese commies with exaggerate fake impossible number of lumens. All those cheaply made metal wires and solders will trash the heahlamps in no time. Don't waste your money!

  15. Thanks for this review I saw your other review of the headlamp on Amazon the 5led headlamp what one do u think is better this headlamp or the 5led lamp

  16. You are fast with the review, there is another button beside the usb plug in that turns on the red light strip on battery connection second tap will make the red strip flash.

  17. See how most Chinese Co. lie & try to trick us!?? They also purposely build stuff just good enough to last 2months where you cant return it!!

  18. 130000 lumens?????????????? Fuck

  19. The video is nice and provides some explanation for a few points. There happens to be a dearth of information on detailed instruction for this product. With respect to the LED on the battery case, as you would expect, it is the battery charge indicator. Simply press the ON button adjacent to the USB cable input. Before weighing on the Lumens discussion, a proper experiment will take place. In any case, I happen to love it despite the fact that it did not include a new wife. (sp. Singh)

  20. Is it Water resistant?

  21. I just bought one but I think it's faulty, can someone tell me if it's normal that the charging indicator stays on red all the time ???

  22. ""Providing a amazing 13000 lumens"" — errrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr WHAT. This guy is a joker and claims he loves lights. This lamp is ONLY 1300 lumens. Remove the last zero. Click bait. Thumps down.

  23. I bought this in Dec 2019. I tried using it for the first time last week. It lights up a bit but it didn't last not even for 30 mins. I thought I just need to recharge the battery, so I did. It is not lighting up anymore. Total waste of $$$.

  24. Red light is to look at paperwork in darkness.

  25. I think it was meant to say 1300 Lumens, all of you can calm down now.

  26. This is an absolute fake product

  27. I have this light absolutely brilliant and it does light up red on the back there's an on and off button on the side of the battery pack mine is a 18000

  28. It's a good light for the price! I'm happy with my purchase, but I haven't put it through any real use yet. I got the same brand minus two LEDs. Mine only has 4 and 2 little lights. Now I wish I would have just got it from your link. I think I bought the one that is highest rated, but I found out why it has so many good reviews. They will send anyone who gives them a 5 star review a $15 dollar Amazon gift card 😄

  29. I just bought one of these through your link below. I have a question. What is a worm white light? Because I do a lot of fishing, and when I hunt for nightcrawlers in my back yard they will go back in the hole if my flashlight is too bright. I have to cover it with my hand. I'm just wondering if there's a special light for that?

  30. I have one I like it it may not be 13,000 lumens lol but its pretty good for $14, I'd recommend changing the 18650's to a 3000 MAH battery than the 1500's that it comes with.

  31. Sure are a lot of experts on lumens in the comments 🤣

  32. 𝖈1418𝖔𝖘 𝕺𝖋𝖋𝖎𝖈𝖎𝖆𝖑

    If this thing was 13,000 lumens it would burn your forehead.

  33. This headlamp is indeed very bright, but nowhere near 13,000 lumens. I own a dozen or so headlamp from different brands, and would estimate this one at roughly 800 lumens. Tough to do an exact comparison as different beam patterns (flood / spot) from different LED configurations make it difficult without measuring equipment. It should be noted that the more LEDs doesn't mean brighter. My most powerful headlamp has a single XM-L2 LED (powered by two 18650s) and puts out roughly 1000 lumens, but in a mostly flood pattern.

  34. My G wtf thats like 200lumes mine Milwaukee head lamp is 10x brighter

  35. Junk, don't buy

  36. Mine just came in the mail from Amazon but I cant get the lights to turn on. Only the rear light

  37. 13,000 lumens my ass!!! nice review moron, you just gave this piece of crap a great review and from what i saw hee you have no clue how to even review it. You have no way of testing the lumens, you didnt say anything about what LED's are used in the headlamps or have any data about the output of these LED's. You didnt check on the max run time on high? charging time when completely drained? What LED's do the manufacture claim to use in the headlamp? Are they what they claim? There is no way can get 13,000 lumens out of 2- XM-L T6 led's and 4- XP-G leds even if they are all on at once!!! NOT EVEN CLOSE! But it sure is a pretty headlamp isn't it? Who cares about the lies the manufacturer is telling about the product or reviewing the actual performance of the headlamp. maybe you should stick to items you actually know about and understand yourself before giving out more bad info on a falsely advertised products.

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